IMG_6582At the meeting this morning one of my sponsees presented me with my 29 year chip.  When I saw those Xs, I got a shiver, goosebumps all over.  Imagine!

This is a testament to God’s loving kindness and grace.  Of myself, I would be a slobbering drunk.  But with God’s help I am a sober woman today.  What a blessing.

As I drove away from the meeting and to work, I started to cry.  If I were more phony, I would tell you it was tears of gratitude.  But it was actual sadness.  When I saw that XXIX, I really realized that all those years have passed.  I am no longer a young mother of three little ones.  I am no longer a wife.  I am no longer many things.  I am so much older.

But I am no longer a drunken, ashamed woman.  I am sober.  And there are people who actually say I have helped them.  What a deal. Twenty-nine years sober.

By God’s Grace Only.

Only by the Grace of God.

Thank you.


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8 Responses to Birthday

  1. Mary LA says:

    Struggling to post, the usual problem — congratulations Mary Christine! Loving your posts this week. And I’m one of those you have helped in so many ways.

  2. Syd says:

    A great thing to see–that medallion with all those X’s on it. I too have been struggling with the passage of time and realizing that I am mid-fifties and not getting any younger. At least, we are still here which is good.

  3. jackie says:

    Wow! Thank you for posting that. We don’t see many long term sobriety folks in my meeting.
    And I totally understand about your reflection.

  4. sherylswool says:

    Congratulations – again, you inspire me.

  5. Kat Stephens says:

    Congat! You describe it as bitter sweet. As I get older so many things are bitter sweet and I am accepting them. I’m learning to ride the waves of my emotions instead of getting swallowed up in them. Kind of like surfing them.

    Please accept an XXIX hug from me,

  6. Kelly says:

    I understand the presence of tears when realizing how much time has passed. It can be hard.

  7. Annette says:

    Happy Birthday my friend!

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