Last Day of January

DSCN0706It is hard to tell what the subject of this photo is.  There are small tender leaves erupting from the ground.   The photo is in my library from a previous year.  It is a hopeful thing to consider that this year, there are leaves just like these just waiting another month or so to do their thing.

The sun will return.  There will be warm days, with the windows open and the curtains flopping in the breeze.  There will be a little boy baby soon to grace our lives.  (I got his baby blanket done last night, and will go to the yarn shop for pink wool tonight – my niece has had a baby, and her middle name is Mary!)

I have nothing but work to do at work today.  I can glue myself to my monitor and ignore all else going on around me.  I blocked off three days to get it done, so these are days with no appointments, meetings, or other distractions.  Yay.

For there is nothing hidden except to be made visible; nothing is secret except to come to light.  —  Mark 4:22


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4 Responses to Last Day of January

  1. Syd says:

    Hope you have a good day.

  2. kberman says:

    Good to see your positive direction. I am starting a study to be posted on my blog about the fact that they have found no genetic connection for depression. Which means that everything they thought about depression is wrong. We don’t have genes for depression and there is no brain chemistry. I know depression has whipped my bottom for most of my life and I’ve enjoyed a daily spiritual reprieve from some of my craziness. I became an alcoholic I know because alcohol brought me relief for awhile. A lot of things have worked…for awhile. Big Pharma is dead–thank God. The companies got so greedy that they just duplicated their bestsellers and stopped new research. The good old American way. My last episode 3 months ago had me obsessing about suicide for 3 days. I had decided to go to the hospital with my notebook and just sit there if it continued. I know better that to think anyone in the hospital can help me much.They mean well but i have more information. Having the plan of facing it ended it. Your relief will come soon and you will be living a daily life of gratitude. It is hard to be grateful for what you don’t have. Love.

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