Watching my garden die.

IMG_6093This morning I fed the cat at 4:45 and went back to sleep for nearly 4 hours!  I slept until 8:30 – and then stayed in bed until 9:30.  It is now 1:30, and it feels like it should be around 9:00 a.m.  And actually I wish it was.  I don’t like missing half the day laying around in bed!

It was raining when I woke up earlier.  Now it is snowing.  There are icicles coating everything, so I think my garden is toast.  I will just replant.  But my lilacs are probably going to have another year when their little buds get frozen before they ever bloom.  In the past I have found these weather events devastating, I don’t anymore.  It is the cycle of life.  I don’t think people are really meant to live a suburban life in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.  I should have native aspen trees, and some yucca in my yard.  They would thrive.   All this other stuff doesn’t belong here and I shouldn’t expect growing them to be easy.

Last night I went to the Palm Sunday vigil mass.  It was gorgeous.  The Mass began outdoors, in the 70 degree evening, and processed into church.  So wonderful.  And I am so glad I went last night and didn’t have to stand outside in the rain/snow/sleet, and 30 degrees.

I’m grateful today that I can stay at home.  I have so many projects going – sour dough bread rising, sour dough starter replenished and growing.  Made yogurt yesterday, divided it into 8 oz. jars this morning to last the week.  This morning I made granola, which is just wonderful.  I will have a grilled vegetable pizza later, on that wonderful sour dough pizza crust.

The heat’s blasting, the gas fireplace is on, my home is warm and comfortable.  Little Niya the kitty is getting more and more comfortable here.

Niya's bed

Niya's face


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14 Responses to Watching my garden die.

  1. Syd says:

    Sorry about the garden. Weather in April was iffy in Virginia too. Down here, it’s cooler than usual but not bad. Our garden is going in next week. We spent time pulling up the collards and raking the beds. Good to have fresh produce in early summer.

  2. Mary says:


    I admire you so much. Don’t comment often but I read every post and you’re amazing.

  3. Birdie says:

    I give your kitty a scratch behind the ears.

  4. Kat Stephens says:

    Your homemade granola sounds great. I would love the recipe if you are willing to share it.
    Hugs, Kat

    • I’m too lazy to write it out – even for myself. Martha Stewart’s website has a good recipe, from 1998 I think. I use coconut oil instead of butter, and skip the sunflower seeds, I also double the amount of almonds.

  5. jackie says:

    I love that Niya is becoming your companion. As a pet/cat owner I love coming home (I live alone) and having them love on me…. You amaze me.. making your own yogurt. Now you have me curious and I will google a recipe. I hope you have a beautiful week..

  6. Gail Traylor says:

    My late grandmother always said don’t plant your garden until Good Friday – even here in Alabama you can have a killing frost until then. Good Friday is late this year, on April 18 (this coming Friday) so I’m not surprised at what we call here “a cold snap”.

  7. Kelly says:

    What a great picture of her- the second one. It exudes curiosity. We had a procession into the church on Sunday, too. This seems new to me. We didn’t do it when I was a child. Did you?

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