Finding a Path

IMG_7803This is the front flower bed where my favorite tulips and rose bushes live.  I spruced it up last week with mulch (@ $2 a bag!).  It was formerly rocks on top of weed barrier.  I managed to finally get all of the weed barrier up (it has taken me years to get it all), and get most of the rocks up.  I think this is so much prettier.

I want to thank my readers who posted comments this week.  I cannot tell you what that means to me.  I appreciate it.

My approach to getting through these next two years may be much like the mulch on top of the already existing flower bed.  Find ways to “spruce-up” my work life without it being a total overhaul.

Yesterday I did something I would normally not do.  I responded to an inflammatory e-mail with a distribution of about 30 people, at least 15 of whom were upper management, all the way up the food chain.  I wrote a rather terse response, stating that we cannot just “decide” to move forward with something the congress, senate, and president just voted to postpone for a year.  Are you kidding me?  As I clicked “send,” I said to myself  “let the s**t storm begin.”  But it didn’t.  Later in the day others backpedaled and said “of course, that was what I meant.”  yeah right.  I would normally quietly work behind the scenes, not publicly call someone out like that because I just think that is bad manners.  So, I did it, and the world didn’t end.  And I guess people needed to know that we can’t just pretend we don’t know what’s going on.

I think I am done “playing nice.”  Which is contrary to what I decided last week = that I would just go to work every day and smile and know that I would soon leave.  I am not much of a faker.

We’ll see.  I got to go to Adoration last night and instead of reading scripture and praying the Rosary, I asked God to just let me rest in Him.   I sat (instead of kneeling) quietly for one hour.  Just resting in the presence of my Creator.


I love this chapel.

It is only getting into the 40s at night now, so for the last two nights, I have slept with the window open.  What a difference that makes in my sleep!  It is wonderful.  And at 4:30 a.m., my little cat comes and starts terrorizing me, walking across my hair on the pillow (ow!) rubbing her cold, wet nose on my face, batting my nose with her paw, walking across my breasts (ow!)  My eldest granddaughter met her the other night and called her a “furry terrorist.”  I guess she has the family gift of coming up with the most outlandish words!  I love it.

It’s FRIDAY!  woooooo hooooooooo!



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2 Responses to Finding a Path

  1. Kelly says:

    I can’t remember the last time I slept with the window open. Probably as a child in the Minnesota springs and summers when the air was out. Now I live in a first story apartment and I’m a little paranoid.

    Sounds like your cat is very comfortable with you 🙂

  2. Syd says:

    We also sleep with the window near the bed open throughout the winter. Of course, it rarely gets below freezing, although it did this winter for several weeks. I am glad for spring. It is a beautiful time of year here. Glad that you are finding a solution at work. I knew that you would.

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