Wednesday in Late August

I have some fabulous news!  I am going to be able to take an icon workshop week after next!  I’m taking the week off work and will have six days of wonderful meditative icon writing.  Not sure which icon we are doing yet.  I have not done an Archangel Gabriel, so I may need to do that.  My first was St. Michael the Archangel, and in the traditional order of icon writing, Gabriel is supposed to be second.  I jumped straight to the Theotokos, God-bearer, Mary, Mother of God.  Then a Theotokos and Child (in photo above).

I need some time off desperately.  I hope this icon workshop will restore some balance to my soul.

I’m afraid I have become so hyper-focused on earning money and paying off debt that I am a bit self-willed at the moment.  Where is God in this?  This is all about ME providing for ME. But I do believe that if I can provide myself a modestly comfortable retirement, it will free me up to do selfless things.

I hope.  And I pray.

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