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Life Goes Fast

Sober Daughter and I canned tomatoes last week.  It was a lovely day. I’ve had a whole bunch of lovely days.  Amazing days don’t lend themselves to blog posts as well as not so great days. The weather has turned. … Continue reading

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Hair in a bun

My hair has finally gotten long enough to wear in a bun. It’s a little bun, but it is a bun, and the hair is not in my face or on my neck.  That makes me very happy.  Probably not … Continue reading

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Too Much Wonderfulness…

I have had the most wonderful weekend.  On Friday night I was invited to the Governor’s Mansion to celebrate the 5 year anniversary of the program I worked in when I worked downtown.  I was the first analyst in the … Continue reading

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Pay Day

So excited about being able to scoop my hair into a ponytail.  Small thing, sure.  But it sure is nice. A lifelong dream of mine was to wear my hair in a bun when I got “old.”  I think I … Continue reading

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Wednesday Morning 

This is the back of the sweater I’m working on.  I have poked another hole in my left index finger from all the fine, detailed work (I did this last December too).  It has taken nearly a month just to … Continue reading

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Monday Morning

Heading into a holiday weekend, gratefully.  I filled up this past weekend with too much activity and ended up with a migraine and a sleepless Saturday night.  I was a bit afraid of inactivity, but I must remember that, as … Continue reading

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What Gratitude Can be Found Today?

Some day I will hike in the sunshine again.  The hours in confined, windowless spaces may make me more grateful for this. Yesterday I wanted to write a note to my future self “Be grateful whenever you can walk outside … Continue reading

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