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July 7

It is a month today since my sister died. Those three words “my sister died” still take my breath away. It is becoming my new reality, but it still feels raw and awful. Yesterday I had the first procedure of … Continue reading

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Training and Injury

That little injury of my right foot has been diagnosed as a Morton’s Neuroma.  My doc ruled out a stress fracture by way of x-ray.  I was resigned to this, but then remembered a chiropractor who had been part of … Continue reading

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Training and Thinking

And flowers… The peonies are in flower.  YAY.  They are some of my faves. I got up early on Saturday and headed to the pool.  I got my 750 meters done in 23 minutes.  I was thrilled because when I … Continue reading

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This is my swimming data from yesterday.  It’s pretty bad.  I used to swim 750 meters in less than 25 minutes without even trying.  Thank God I still like swimming because that will make it easier to put in the … Continue reading

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Training notes

The photo is from a morning last week, waiting for the light rail to take me to the train to take me to the bus that takes me to work.  How wonderful not to drive! I have decided to write … Continue reading

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Inspired by a blog…

I registered for a triathlon yesterday.  I have done this race four or five times over the years.  It is one of those big, feel-good, women only races.  It is full of womanly camaraderie.  Sisterhood.  Not my normal thing.  But … Continue reading

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