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Mum’s the Word

It rained all night last night.  I slept so soundly the bed barely needed to be made this morning.  My morning coffee is wonderful in the cooler, damp morning. It rained all night last night.  I slept so soundly the … Continue reading

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Stuff to do on a Staycation

I began work on this hat yesterday.  It is not done yet, as you can see the circular needle is at top.  I don’t like making it and I don’t really like the hat.  I thought it was going to … Continue reading

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Monday of Vacation Week

  Look at what I did to my nails!  A friend told me about some do-it-yourself gel nails, and I added glitter.  Just for vacation.  Last month I spent $60. at the nail salon, guess what is not happening this … Continue reading

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Eight More Hours

Two “love” roses, in a czech vase, on an antique napkin.  My old lace tablecloth is looking pretty shabby these days. I am heading out of here for my last day at that place.  I had no idea the last … Continue reading

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Saturday – Day 1 of 4

  The cross at the outdoor Stations of the Cross that I love so much. Yesterday I went to therapy and this young social work intern was able to say something that persuaded me to open my checking account and … Continue reading

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Paper Maché

A couple of weeks ago, two events happened that may have changed my life!  Uh oh, in internet land, you can’t see that I am being ironic. I had the insane idea to order the daily newspaper.  Now I have … Continue reading

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My maybe new church.  It was built in 1961, so it has that sort of “modern” minimalism.  There are stained glass windows on both sides, they are abstract, so no Saints or Angels.  I think I can live with that. … Continue reading

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