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And Another

This is the last day of the icon class.  As much as I have enjoyed it, I am ready for it to be over.  I am tired in a very special way.  The bags under my eyes that developed some … Continue reading

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A Glorious Summer Morning

  I could not get my camera to focus on the little rose bud.  It wanted to focus on the rocks and the distant leaves.  And when you are using an iPhone as your camera, I think there is little … Continue reading

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Day 4 of Vacation

This was my icon at the end of yesterday’s work.  I wish I could write more about the process, but when I do, I have to use the words.  The words are so out of the jargon of normal life … Continue reading

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You didn’t really expect me to say that my vacation was just a stressless little experience, did you? First, the class started two days earlier than I expected.  And nothing has gone right yet.  I worked on it all weekend. … Continue reading

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Lunch at my Desk

Yesterday I walked over to Pho-natic to pick up my tofu noodle bowl to eat at my desk.  It was delicious! I was able to finish the work I was afraid I was going to have to put in nights … Continue reading

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11 Days and Counting

No, not till the end of my job.  But till the first day of the iccon (deliberately misspelled) workshop I am attending the week of June 3-8.  I need to start preparing, with meditation, prayer, fasting, and confession.  How wonderful! … Continue reading

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Over the weekend I purchased my flowers for the summer.  Instead of the planters I usually fill and place on my front porch and back deck, I purchased two plants! and placed them into pots.  That’s it.  $50.  including the … Continue reading

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