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It’s Spring

In Colorado, that usually means it is time for some massive snow storms.  March has the most snowfall of all the months here.  But there are buds on the trees, the lilac bush looks like the leaves are about to … Continue reading

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Unbearably cold

Listening to the local news telling me it is currently 16 degrees below zero Fahrenheit.  That’s dangerously cold.  I have an eye exam this morning, 20 miles away.  I will go because I will take the city streets rather than … Continue reading

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Back to the Belly

Of the beast.  Just for a visit.  I was asked to attend the “big meeting” downtown today.  The “big meeting” that was my whole job when I worked there.  You may be surprised to learn that I am very excited … Continue reading

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The weekend looks endless from here

I walked by this bedroom this morning and thought it was too pretty to ignore.  I moved my computer over and here I sit, admiring the golden tree outside the window. I got up early enough to go swimming this … Continue reading

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Twists and Turns

  Last night on my way home from work, I drove around the long way, so that I could see the scope of the flooding nearby.  See that lake in the photo?  That wasn’t a lake 2 weeks ago.  That … Continue reading

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Friday Morn

I give up on posting a photo here!  Too many technical issues to count.  Ridiculous. I have another hugely busy day today.  That is a good thing. Yesterday I found the elliptical to be a wonderful experience.  Who knew?  I … Continue reading

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