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A Great Interview

The kitty has nothing to do with anything, except isn’t she sweet? I had a great job interview today.  I feel so happy about it.  I actually do want the job now that I have been to their offices and … Continue reading

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Some more trickery

I was talking with a work frenemy yesterday and she suggested that I NEED to have a trip on the horizon.  We discussed possible locations of this vacation and agreed that I should visit my best friend in Cornwall.  She … Continue reading

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It’s been a rough week

The priest listened to me calmly as I cried this morning.  Usually a fan of the traditional confessional, I chose the face to face instead.  Last week I walked out of a Catholic Church having been offended by the (30 … Continue reading

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Sunday Morning

More roses in the future… My right hand is wrapped in a filthy bandage which won’t be removed for another 10 days.  I am trying to clean my house and cook and do yard work with a left hand and … Continue reading

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A Beautiful Morning

I was planning to ride my bike to work this morning, but realized last night when I took a trial spin around the block that my arm is not quite healed enough for a long bike ride.  Darn it.  Maybe … Continue reading

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Insides v. Outsides

My lilac bush yesterday morning.  The snow and freezing temperatures have killed a lot – I am not quite sure the extent of it yet, but I know the leaves on the huge tree in my front yard are withered … Continue reading

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A Little Corner

Some day the sun will shine again, and this little place will be one I will enjoy – tremendously.  I still think it looks pretty in the rain. Yesterday I found it so enjoyable to blog I thought I would … Continue reading

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