Tuesday Morning


Eggplant Parmigiana with fresh basil from my garden

The photo is not apropos of anything, except it was absolutely delicious and I thought it was pretty too. This was part of my race prep – having something good to eat that required no effort after the race. It was a good choice.

It’s Tuesday morning.  I think I am mostly recovered from the race.  I still feel very good about it.  I do want to mention that the woman I called “the training dementor” was at the race as a volunteer and was incredibly helpful to me.  After the podium finish, she congratulated me.  I started with all the diminishers… oh it’s no big deal… bla bla bla.  She told me it was a big deal and to claim it, to own it.  And I have done that.  It almost hurts to do it because my nature is to minimize anything that might look remotely like an BIG DEAL.   I was taught from the time I was an infant not to boast.  I’m good with that for the most part, but sometimes it is nice to claim something.

I am leaving on Saturday for a 3,000 mile road trip.  By myself.  Yikes.  I am a bit terrified about all that driving.  I think I can do it – obviously – or I wouldn’t have planned it.  I am doing this a different way than I have ever traveled.  I will write about it as I go, or afterward.  I never like to tell the whole wide internet where I will be at any particular time, because you just never know.

I am going to visit my brothers.  I will stay with my oldest brother for a few days.  His two daughters, my nieces, will also be there.  They are 49 and 50 years old.  My eldest bro is 13 years older than me, his eldest daughter is 14 years younger than I am.  I feel like I am somewhere in the middle, I love being with them.  I hope I do OK with being around all these people for a couple of days because my life is one of solitude these days.  After two days, we will head down to see my other brother and my niece in another town.  (I will have my own hotel room, and I think I will need it by then.) He is in a nursing home, but sounds like he is doing better than he has for years… after a nearly fatal illness earlier this year.  When I heard him on the phone sounding strong, I thought – now is the time to go see him.

My third brother is not well and will not be able to join us.  I didn’t expect him to.  His PTSD from Vietnam is so bad, it is just very difficult for him to be with people.  It is so sad because he came back from war and had a very very successful career, but when he retired, all those memories came back to him – with a vengeance.   The last time I saw him was after my sister’s funeral.  We talked about politics in the year of the craziest presidential campaign in history, and we disagreed.  He was so angry with me, he stopped talking to me.  That’s just got to be OK.  I know him, I cannot change him.  I honestly think he is powerless to act differently.   I love him anyway.

I need to get on the ball with planning and packing.  Getting audio books on my phone… getting travel size shampoos, etc…. trying not to buy new clothes… bringing food for the journey… it is all exciting and fun.

And now I am going to mass.  Thank God for daily mass.  It is heaven on earth.

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7 Responses to Tuesday Morning

  1. Mary Ellen Greene says:

    What about your cat while you’re gone?

  2. atomicmomma says:

    Safe travels Mary! Look forward to hearing about your trip when you get home. I think this road trip will be good for you. (((((((((hugs)))))))

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