Memorial Day 2017


The flag is flying for Memorial Day.  This “holiday” has taken on a significantly different meaning for me after my son served and lost friends in Iraq and Afghanistan.   A good percentage of the men in my family have served in the military.  When tracing my ancestry back on my mother’s side, I got as far back as the revolutionary war… my many times great grandfather.  I know this will make me sound 100 years old, but I actually lost a cousin in WWII.  Long before I was born.  But he was a silent presence at my aunt’s home.

My triathlon is less than 4 weeks away.  I am almost ashamed to say that even though I am retired and have all the time in the world, I haven’t been diligent about my training.  Most days I would just rather hop on my treadmill for 70 minutes.  It gets my heart rate up, it makes me breathe hard, and sweat.  And I don’t have to go anywhere.  Oh, yes, I could become a hermit if I allowed myself that!

Swimming is the most challenging to me.  Part of the problem is that I know I could jump in the water and swim half a mile without training at all.  And my time wouldn’t be bad.  It wouldn’t be great either.  So I need to actually train.  But all the dressing and undressing in public, jumping into cold water, and needing to shower and wash my hair at the gym – it is all a lot of trouble.  Technically I could be doing open water swims at this date, but it has been so cold here, the water is frigid.   Maybe another week or two?

Biking is fine.  I love my new bike, but I do not love the seat on it.  I either have to get a new seat or get this one adjusted.  I can only ride my bike once a week because of the seat.  It takes six days to heal from an hour on that seat!  I will address it this week.

About the osteoporosis, I have had another week to process.  I am OK.  I don’t know where I ever got the idea that somehow I would age without facing any of the things that happen as you age.  It’s ridiculous.  I will do my level best with this, its all I can do.  I saw my sponsor last week who has had a severe case of osteoporosis for over 20 years…. she is old and frail, but she isn’t hunched over and that gives me hope.

I will try to start back at yoga again this week.  Over the weekend, I saw one of our blogger friends from the olden days – over 10 years ago when blogging was new and fresh and super fun.  She is a yoga teacher and reminded me of why yoga is so good.

And this morning?  Off to the pool!

Have a wonderful Memorial Day!

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10 Responses to Memorial Day 2017

  1. Hopester says:

    I go swimming most mornings during the week. There is something about being in the water that I love. To discover in my 50’s an exercise I will stick with, is a nice surprise. Some mornings I really have to talk to myself to get out of bed and go do it, though. I put my bathing suit on under my clothes before I go to eliminate one step of that process.

    I miss the days when blogging felt much more like a community than it does now. Even though I am connected with many on social media I miss visiting everyone’s blog on a regular basis and catching up on their lives that way. Reading your blog feels like visiting an old friend.

    • I loved the old days of blogging, but it got very very hostile on my old blog. I still get nasty comments from people who hate the fellowship, but somehow manage to personally attack me. I never grew thicker skin.

      I admire your devotion to swimming. I also wear my suit with clothes over it to the pool. And I have found a gym (thank you Silver Sneakers!) where there are little dressing rooms with curtains adjacent to the showers. It is so nice.

  2. Annette says:

    I agree with Hopester. Blogging has changed. I started 10 years ago, little did I know what I had begun, the friends I would make and I certainly didn’t know I was doing something new and exciting. Lol I was just desperate and had to get what was inside, out of me. I miss the simplicity of early blogging too. Now there are conferences where bloggers come together and meet and talk about ways to publicize their blogs. People make money from blogging! I am starting to walk again Mary…..I am so far from hiking and can’t even fathom hiking in the thin air of my mountains at this point. You inspire to keep at it though. A triathlon….LOL I dont see those words ever leaving my lips in regards to my own personal victories. You never cease to amaze me. : )

    • You should try a triathlon, I swear it is very doable. And fun.

      I thought of starting a new blog that I could monetize because I really do love to blog and if I could make a few dollars it would be great. It couldn’t be God-focused though, so it cannot be this one. I did once have a fitness blog that was awesome. I could have monetized that one. But those days are gone.

      What if we just blogged and commented every day or close to it? Maybe we could recapture the great moments of the past? (That’s was not meant to be as sarcastic as it sounds)

  3. dr24hours says:

    Get that seat fixed! Gel. Gel. Gel. Biking will be a pleasure again. Someone told me recently that biking is more about hardening your butt than about strengthening your legs. You’ll do great. Just force your body to adapt. Pain is change happening!

    Seriously, listen to your body, you know when pain is bad vs good. But a gel saddle with help I bet.

  4. mla5073 says:

    I also miss those old days of regular blogging. Good luck with your triathlon, Mary Christine!

    xMary LA

  5. Mary says:

    The picture of your house is beautiful. The quinitiessentail American photo. (I hope the spelling is close to being correct). I’m not sure I was in on the blogging from the start but know I so much appreciate you, Annette, Syd and a few others. They’ve helped me tremendously. And, MC, I know I’ve told you this before … but I went to Mass this past weekend and think of you every time I do. I’m thinking alot about preparing for retirement and I think my focus has to be music and how I can use that within the Catholic church.

    I have musical talent .. piano, organ, violin .. the only thing that has any interest for me at this point is renewing that and using it within the church somehow. And you’re a big part in that so thank you.


    • Thank you so much for this comment Mary. I am excited for your retirement and I hope you will share with me how it develops. I am 5 months in, and it is still a work in progress. But I love being able to spend my time, talent, and treasure with the church. It is an amazing thing.

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