April Wednesday


Little Geranium seedlings, grown from seeds from the geranium I grew from seeds 2 years ago.  Oh, it is fun to watch these grow.

I am now four months into retirement.  It is far more challenging than I had anticipated.  Some days are awesome (like today) and some are pretty horrid.

There are things I have realized about myself that I really didn’t know before.  I think I am just hard wired to have good days and bad.  Regardless of what’s going on.  I don’t always feel great.  But I am always trying to find a way to.  Gratitude is my No. 1 tool.

I need at least a scintilla of structure.  Mass daily keeps me busy in the morning, but some mornings upon arrival home, I feel incredibly disheartened.  Because I need something to do.  Something concrete, with a beginning and an end (definitely NOT housework, because I have NOT developed a taste for it).  I sewed a blouse over the weekend.  It was good to be busy, but it is my idea of a colossal waste of money because patterns and fabric are not cheap.  For about $50 and two days of labor, I have a blouse that is primitive at best.  It is comfortable so I may actually wear it around the house but believe me when I tell you that $50 is not a reasonable price for a “house blouse.”  Knitting is also relatively expensive, but I do really enjoy it and most of the time I really like the finished product.

Today I am having lunch with my old boss – THAT boss from my 17 months in the job “downtown” where I mostly lost my mind.  I do really like her even though she was undoubtedly the worst boss I ever had.  She was new to management and frequently tells me I taught her a lot.  The price I paid for that was very high, but those years are now over, and I can’t wait to see her at lunch today.

My AA life is an entirely different story.  I don’t have enough time or energy to write about it this morning.  But I do need to do so soon.  And hope to God no one from my home group still reads this.

Love you all… thanks so much for reading and commenting.

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2 Responses to April Wednesday

  1. atomic momma says:

    Thanks for checking in Mary! I love geranuims. I need to get going and get some planted in pots for our front porch. I find them so cheerful. I can totally relate to the expensive “house blouse”…..I’ve got an oversized tunic that is more a tent or mums from my delving into sewing garments last year.

    You’ll get your routine down….I love that you go to Mass daily. I’ve started praying the rosary again…I haven’t prayed it in 30 years. It brings me peace and makes me feel closer to God and Jesus. I think it’s so cool you have a church that does an early am Mass. What a wonderful way to start your day. I know money is tight but maybe a trip to see the grandkids would be something? Give their parents a break? Or maybe they are old enough to come see you? Summer is around the corner…I bet you’d be the best Summer Camp ever for a week for your grandkids.

    Hugs and healing prayers, Mary….

    • Atomic Momma, I am SO embarrassed that I don’t remember your first name, could you remind me?

      I LOVE the rosary. It is so peaceful and meditative. I have an app on my phone so I can pray it in the car.

      Funny you should mention a trip to see the babies – I decided yesterday that I just HAVE to do that! So I am planning a summer trip to Montana.

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