New Bike


There’s my beautiful new bike.  It has a carbon fiber frame and is very light.  It is also just all around very nice.  I took it out for 10 miles yesterday and it was like an entirely different sport than riding the bikes I own.  I blasted up hills like I was rocket propelled!  A good bike really does make a difference!  If you have anything negative to say about the bike, please don’t share with me because I spent WAY more money than I ever intended on this thing and I am in love.  Don’t rain on my parade, please.

I wrote to the race director of the olympic distance tri I wanted to register for.  I was looking for their course limit.  He suggested I try a sprint distance.  Well, yeah, I am going to do that too.  I will look for another olympic distance in the meantime.

I weigh less than I have since 1994, and I am probably in the best shape I have been in since my late 30s.  Yes, I am 65, but I really believe I am going to be able to do awesome things this summer.  And I actually have the time to train!  Imagine that!

I really do fluctuate between utter joy – like yesterday when I was out in the sunshine riding this beautiful bike around a beautiful place.  And today, the worry came back to get me with a bit of a vengeance.  I hit my head on my front door with quite a bit of force (very long story about a deadbolt that sticks) and started crying about that.  And then – when I was leaving the house and backed my car out of the garage, an extension ladder I have been MEANING to move just crashed down upon my brand new automobile.  It made the most ungodly noise.  It wasn’t as bad as it sounded, but my car is definitely worse for that little incident.   It had already sustained its first dent in a grocery store parking lot, but this is a bit worse than that.

It all feels too much from time to time.  Having extremely limited resources can cause all sorts of fear.  But there is ENOUGH.  There is always ENOUGH.  I just have to remember that.  God has always cared for me, I have never gone hungry or gone without much of anything.

Even when I smoked cigarettes, I never went without my requisite cigarettes.  And they are so expensive!

On Monday when I was debating the merits of buying the bike, I sat down and calculated the expense of smoking 2 packs of cigarettes a day (which I used to do) and then I added a 12 pack of beer a day.  I could pay for my bike in 75 days of the savings from not doing that!  Which doesn’t make sense really, but it does to me.

I have a lifestyle that does not involve packs and bottles per day.  I am spending the money for my healthy lifestyle.  That makes sense to me!

Thanks for listening….

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10 Responses to New Bike

  1. dr24hours says:

    That bike is so SEXY.

  2. atomicmomma says:

    OH I love your new bike! I think you’re right on to make a completely accurate and fair comparison between its cost and what you used to spend on booze and ciagarettes. I’ve never been a smoker but I have spent more than my share on the $15-$25 of wine or booze. One day when I was in the yarn store agonizing over buying a nice $15 skein to knit a pair of gorgeous socks it clicked with me….I never thought twice about the stupid $$$$ I threw away drinking.

    Love the bike! Enjoy!

    • I spend an inordinate amount of money on yarn too. But it is my entertainment as well as whatever object I end up with afterwards. Have you ever purchased yarn from Churchmouse yarns? I just got some scrumptious yarn for a scarf – for a mere $70. Yikes.

  3. daisyanon says:

    Fabulous! So happy to hear how much joy your bike has bought you.

  4. Mary says:

    I think your bike is beautiful. A great investment for you which you really deserve. I hope you enjoy every mile on it 🙂

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