Snowy Tuesday Morning


There’s a little mouse I knit for my cat, with a little bit of organic catnip placed strategically inside.  I hid it from her for a half a day because I knew she would “ruin” it, and I thought it was so freaking cute.  But I did give it to her, and she has indeed loved it into a state of ruin.

I just read one of my favorite blogs, my friend is starting his triathlon training in earnest.  Inspired, I immediately wanted to jump on my bike and ride to the pool (in a blizzard) and get going on my training.  I love triathlon training and events.

There are several triathlons I want to do this summer.  There is an olympic distance in July, and the women’s sprint triathlon in August.  There is another sprint that is very near home that I would love to do in September.

There is a problem this year:  I need a new bike.  When I got my bike tuned up last summer, I was told it was not going to last much longer.  In fact, the technician was worried it wouldn’t get me through my race in August.  Thankfully she was wrong, and the bike made it through the year.  I have no such dreams for this year.  I need a new bike.

Bikes are expensive.  My income is now small.  I can buy one, but I wonder if this is really good use of my money.  (Just writing that makes me feel sick.)

At the age of 65 and forward, fitness is everything.

A nearby shop has a 2016 model bike reduced from $1500. to $1000.  I looked at it and walked away, which took all the self-control I had.  I have now been thinking about it for 8 days.  I really want that bike.  I really want to be a triathlete.  I want to train for triathlons.  I need a decent bike.

I still don’t know what I should do.  I will pray some more.

Meanwhile, the snow is piling up outside.  The trees are bending low, but none have broken – yet.  The lilac bush in the backyard is nearly laying flat on the ground.  I am so tired of agonizing over that thing every year.  Though I love it, if Mother Nature wants to break it, kill it, or just kill all the buds as it does most years, I will just accept it!

Thanks for reading this random thing…

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6 Responses to Snowy Tuesday Morning

  1. dr24hours says:

    GET THE BIKE! You know the rule: the correct number of bikes to own is n+1.

    Seriously, I don’t know your finances obviously, but you’re right. Fitness is everything if you want to stay healthy and active (and mentally acute!) in retirement. What you spend on that bike will be savings in health care costs. I promise. Ten times over.

  2. daisyanon says:

    I am sure you will get the bike and love it to bits. I have used a budget programme called YNAB or You Need a Budget for many years. It has really helped me to afford things, even things I am buying in advance of having the money….

    • I’ve used the Dave Ramsey budget faithfully for 4 years. If not for that, I would be working for the rest of my life just to pay off debt. But I got it paid off (with a couple of exeptions) and was able to retire!

      Budgeting is the best!

  3. Mary says:

    That mouse is so cute. I love it! I hope you get your bike and enjoy every minute of it.


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