Wednesday Morning 

This is the back of the sweater I’m working on.  I have poked another hole in my left index finger from all the fine, detailed work (I did this last December too).  It has taken nearly a month just to knit what’s in the photo above.  I want to have this done by October… Not so sure that’s going to happen.

I got an email from my church yesterday asking if I would consider taking Holy Communion to the homebound.  The email said:

“I thought of you because I remembered how faithful you were to your hour of adoration. Anyone who has that appreciation of the Eucharist is a very appropriate person for this ministry.”

That made me cry.  I had to give up my Holy Hour due to this job.  I miss it terribly!  I wrote back and said yes to the request, with the caveat that I work a full-time job with a 60-mile-a-day-commute-through-the-worst-traffic-on-earth.  That makes my days 11hours long.  But to be able to do this small Corporal Work of Mercy would be life-changing and I know it!

I used to feel that I fulfilled my quota of “service to God and my fellows” in AA, but no more.  The longer I am sober, I find the less people talk to me.  I am not their peer in age or length of sobriety.  I am “other.”  I am loved, don’t get me wrong, but loved from a distance of years.

My sponsor has had the same experiences, so that helps me to not feel so alone.  But still… So sad.

Another friend who used to be my boss has been calling this week.  She wants and needs to retire, but is frightened of the unknown.  I have been talking to her about taking the leap in faith.  How when I retired last year I thought it was the end of the world, but it was only the beginning of a new life.  How God had prepared a soft landing for me.

And then I looked at myself… I want to be done with this job. By the end of last week I  had convinced myself that I needed to work until June of 2017 – just to make sure I was ok.

What am I doing again?  Trusting in my finite self rather than infinite God!

I’m looking again at January or April of next year as end dates.

And I got my Medicare card in the mail the other night!  Never thought I’d be so happy to see that!!!!   Retirement is really in my future.  And it looks like I’ve already got a gig at my church 😀

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2 Responses to Wednesday Morning 

  1. catholicandsober says:

    I am 49 years old and was medically retired from the Army in 2012 with 17 years of service. I now have the time to spend with my family. I know I drive my wife crazy, she says I get underfoot but I try to do my part. I am working on my sobriety through The Church. Retirement is just starting a new chapter in life. It can be exciting.

  2. Mary McGee says:

    That sweater looks beautiful … you have a real talent. I didn’t comment on your last post but your new cat is beautiful … he/she is very lucky to have a new home with you. I also enjoying reading about your path to retirement … I’m younger than you (58 in October) but I think about retirement every single day and wonder what I would do. I have alot to plan over the next few years.

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