Mixed stuff

I got a new cat on Saturday, July 30.  Her name is Mel.  She came from the shelter and I think she’s beautiful.  She’s extremely friendly and affectionate – and temperamental.  She can switch from purring to hissing at the drop of a hat.   But it’s nice to have a kitty again.  I think she’s really happy to have her own house and be out of the shelter.   I hope she’ll calm down once she realizes she’s ok and not under any form of threat at her new home.

I’m thinking about doing another triathlon in mid-September.  It’s another sprint, it’s in the park where I do all my training, and I think I would like to do another one.

I’m taking a weekend trip to South Dakota with my daughters in September, but I think I need to schedule a “real” vacation.  I almost booked a train trip today.  Denver to SanFrancisco, sleeper cars, etc.  I got as far as the credit card info and just didn’t enter it.  My sister and I were going to take a train trip in September, maybe that is where my hesitation is coming from.

I need a vacation!  But I don’t want to spend a lot of money.   Unless of course the vacation is super cool!

I saw my two little grandchildren over the weekend and will see my eldest granddaughter this weekend.  That’s wonderful.  And selfishly, it means I can plan to take a vacation somewhere just because I want to go there.  I don’t NEED to see anyone.  Except my brothers – but I’m not going to the east coast again this year.

Ok, enough of this stream of consciousness…

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2 Responses to Mixed stuff

  1. Annette says:

    If you come to S.F. I will meet you there for lunch. : ) Only if you want to of course. And I would understand completely if you didn’t have time for that….so no pressure! Our apricot kitty is a hisser too. I thought it was because he was probably feral….I found him as a tiny baby walking in the middle of a busy street.

  2. Lisa says:

    Mel is beautiful!

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