32 Years

On Sunday, July 24, I celebrated 32 years of continuous sobriety.  I got sober when I was 32, now I am 64 and have been sober for half of my life.

I had called my sponsor last week and told her I felt a bit sad, like all the good things are in the past.  I told her I didn’t feel particularly plugged in to either group I regularly attend and that I was feeling rather isolated.  She asked me to make a list of people I like and then reach out to them.

The list surprised me, there were so many people on it.  I reached out to many of them and asked them to come to the meeting where  I would be celebrating.  Everyone showed up except for a friend who was out of town.  It is not always easy to get people to come to a 6:30 a.m. meeting, but there they were! My feelings of isolation miraculously vanished!   It was a wonderful birthday.  I felt deeply loved.

My daughter sat next to me, which means the world to me.  It is nice to know that I have had a positive impact on her and many others.  When we get down to it, that’s all we leave behind.

I hope I have lots more time to impact others positively, but I am so grateful for this sober life I’ve had – so far.

God has been so good to me.

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5 Responses to 32 Years

  1. dr24hours says:

    Incredible, MC. Thanks for showing us the way.

  2. teetro says:

    Hi Mary, I got sober in the last month of my 30th year. Last November as I ended my 30th year of sobriety, I was struck by the reality of spending half my life as a sober woman. I enjoy reading your blog. I struggle some days to get myself out for a run or a ride, even though I know how important and vital it is for my well being. At 60 I often need to hear from women who have a longer time in he program and on the planet. I remember hearing Alabam Caruthers speak when I had a couple years and she had 34, and she seemed older than dirt to me. She said sometimes women with a long time in the program start to think the best has already happened. And that amazing smile when she said, “Baby, the best is yet to be.” Those words stayed with me and all these years later, they resonate in a way my younger self could not have imagined. Thanks for sharing your story. And Happy Birthday! Lain T.

  3. v says:

    Hi Mary,
    “I told her I didn’t feel particularly plugged in to either group….I was feeling rather isolated. ” How many of your ‘peers’ share this view? I’m 54, 34 years sober, and have had this sense with my peers for a while. I’ve changed, AA hasn’t changed, and the attitudes of people coming in today are different than in the 1980s. Just like the old timers back then thought of us.
    Glad we both still attended meetings.

  4. Daisyanon says:

    Congratulations on your 32 years Mary and thank you for all your blogging

  5. Syd says:

    MC, congratulations on every day of those 32 years. You are inspiring to so many.

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