Training and Injury

That little injury of my right foot has been diagnosed as a Morton’s Neuroma.  My doc ruled out a stress fracture by way of x-ray.  I was resigned to this, but then remembered a chiropractor who had been part of my running group and specialized in Active Release Therapy (ART).  I’m a big believer in this therapy because it helped me tremendously when I was training for my marathons.

I made an appointment and saw one of her colleagues last week.  She did ART, dry needling, and applied kinesio tape.  It helped.  I saw her again yesterday.

But my training, between this injury and a trip to NYC, has suffered.  I think I will be fine with the swim, and I can finish the bike ride, but it will be hard.  The “run” is probably going to be a walk or even a limp.  That’s not the way I wanted this to be, but I would rather finish poorly than not participate at all.

I ordered a new running dress last week.  I will wear that over a tri suit once the swim is finished.  I like the way they look and feel.  I still need to get a new tri top.  I have a couple of old ones, but spandex is a tricky fabric and becomes transparent after a time.

I’m excited about the race and the training.  I just wish I had more time to devote to it.  This weekend I may try a 3/4 tri.  Not all of the distances, but maybe 3/4 of them.  Just to get a feel for what I need to accomplish in the next five weeks.

I’m incredibly grateful my old body will still do this.  What a blessing.

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6 Responses to Training and Injury

  1. Annette says:

    You are amazing. I walked 5 miles on Sunday. My plantar fasciitis seems to have calmed down enough to be able to do this. My right foot with cyst and tendinitis is still not good, but it survived the walk. I did a 17 minute mile…..I like to be a 15 min mile….then I can do 4 miles in an hour exactly. LOL Always in a hurry! Your determination to not quit inspires me Mary. I still want to see your blouse that you made too. : )

    • I’ve had plantar fasciitis from time to time and it is a bear. I ordered a pair of sandals called Ortheels, or something like that, and they really really helped. I really think it is all about the shoes.

  2. dr24hours says:

    I have a Morton’s Neuroma. It’s totally manageable for me, BUT counterintuitive at first. I needed to REALLY loosen my shoes. That nerve gets pinched, and I thought tightening them up would help; I was very wrong. Worst thing for it.

    Now I wear wide shoes (HOKA ONE ONE Bondi 4s and Claytons). Loosely tied. And my MN is almost nonexistent.

  3. read468 says:

    Hi Mary ! My husband, who is a very phyiscally active man had severe foot pain and was diagnosed with mortons neuroma. He tried everything, but what was the eventual cure was wide shoes- size EEEE and inserts for his shoes. No more pain! I hope you find relief.

    • Kathy, Like your husband, I have wide feet. I have been wearing flats in the spring and fall and I think that is what brought this on. They just don’t fit well enough. For the summer, I am wearing good sandals (ECCO) and I think they are also helping. I wore my flats one day last week and the pain was back almost immediately.

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