Training and Thinking


And flowers… The peonies are in flower.  YAY.  They are some of my faves.

I got up early on Saturday and headed to the pool.  I got my 750 meters done in 23 minutes.  I was thrilled because when I started this a few months ago, I couldn’t even DO 750 meters, and it took me 38 minutes to quit at 700.  It feels good.

On Sunday, I went to the park and rode 12 miles…. This is the first time I have made the entire 12 miles.  It has been gradual progress.  When I got off the bike, I drove home to get on the treadmill and run 2 miles.  I was sunburnt from the bike ride so I didn’t want to spend any more time in the sun.  I was able to get the two miles done and it wasn’t too bad.

I am getting very excited about the race.  And the whole concept of being a 64 year old triathlete.  It will help me face my 65th birthday.

Wanted to write about a 12 step call I took on Saturday night, but WordPress is acting like a jerk and it is taking WAY too long to write this, so I am out of here!

Have a wonderful day.  Thank you God.

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6 Responses to Training and Thinking

  1. Annette says:

    A 65 year old triathlete….wow! You inspire me. And I hope you come back and tell us about your 12 step call. So glad you are back writing!

  2. dr24hours says:

    What distance are you doing?

    • Sprint, thankfully.

      • dr24hours says:

        A sprint is about like a half-marathon, right?

      • 750 m swim, 12 mile bike, 5k run. I think it’s much easier than a half because you get to do different things. Or as someone told me before my first tri “when you’re swimming you look forward to biking; when you’re biking you look forward to running; and when you’re running you look forward to finishing.

        I did an Olympic distance in 2012 – and that did feel like a marathon. But I hadn’t trained adequately.

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