Inspired by a blog…

I registered for a triathlon yesterday.  I have done this race four or five times over the IMG_6048years.  It is one of those big, feel-good, women only races.  It is full of womanly camaraderie.  Sisterhood.  Not my normal thing.  But I like it better than the one co-Ed race I did.

Now I have registered for a couple of races in the last few years that I have never trained for or competed in.  I pray I will actually train for and complete this one.

Yesterday at my computer at work, I decided it was worth the $100 registration just for this moment’s motivation.  Just to have something to focus on in these snowy spring days.  These days that feel long.

Tomorrow I head out with my sober daughter for a road trip.  YAY.

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2 Responses to Inspired by a blog…

  1. Annette says:

    Oh Mary…..why? Lol My feet are so bad right now, I can’t do anything (exercise) that includes weight bearing. Can you believe it?! I have my plantar fasciitis in one and tendinitis and a cyst in the other. I sound like one of my old people. Lol I have several new pairs of Birkenstocks that I have to wear and am not allowed to go barefoot! I used to run a round barefoot all the time. I am just jealous. I look forward to living vicariously through your triathlon. Every now and then I will walk as fast as I can through a parking lot or to my next destination and it feels SO GOOD! I had to walk from the car to wherever anyways… I do it fast and it shows me how much I miss it. I have a new podiatrist who is directing me…..hopefully she will work some magic.

  2. dr24hours says:

    YAYAYAYAY!!!! I still want to get out your way for a half-marathon, too! Lots of friends in your part of the world.

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