What Gratitude Can be Found Today?


Some day I will hike in the sunshine again.  The hours in confined, windowless spaces may make me more grateful for this.

Yesterday I wanted to write a note to my future self “Be grateful whenever you can walk outside at will.”  I was at an all day “retreat” at a home.  It was SO NOT a retreat.  I was seated at a dining room chair all day.  In a stuffy house.  With a bunch of people who understand huge data systems and computers and clouds, while I do not.  I felt like a child at a boring adult event, bla bla bla, not understanding the “grown-up” things they were talking about.  For a whole day, I had a minute or two of something to say.

Oh yeah, back to gratitude:

  • I can afford to hire someone to clean up the huge limbs hanging off the tree in my front yard.
  • Taking a trip this weekend with my daughter.  We always have fun.
  • We will have sunshine.
  • Tanning lotion for my day-glo white legs.
  • I will retire again.
  • Friends who call/text in the middle of the day.
  • One friend who is sober now a year and a half, the age of miracles is among us.
  • My daughter is sober.  Oh, thank you GOD!
  • After the years of my sobriety, I know I will survive this time.
  • It is all good.

God is Good.


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4 Responses to What Gratitude Can be Found Today?

  1. read468 says:

    Im so happy to hear that your daughter is sober! We havent had much sunshine here since the first of november so I know how you feel. Denver has gotten many of the storms that we have this year. Im always checking your weather, my son is still there, somewhere. I loved your gratitude list, especially the tanning lotion one. As one who has fish belly white legs I need it too!

  2. Mary says:

    Mary Christine, I love your posts .. you always put things in perspective. have a great time this weekend. I’m so happy for your very inspirational sobriety and also your daughters. Alot to be grateful for despite the struggles.

  3. Congratulations on your daughter’s sobriety. My son is just shy of 8 months. I, too am so very grateful! I wasn’t sure he’d ever choose it!

  4. Syd says:

    It all sounds good. You are inspiring.

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