Lunch time at the office

I’m trying so hard to make this work… This working thing.  The job’s good.  My boss is someone I am thrilled to be working for, my co-workers are everything you would hope for.  But every day I don’t want to go to work.  I’m tired. I’m over it even though this is probably the best situation I’ve ever found myself in.

I feel so ungrateful, and then I beat myself up for that!

I missed Mass a couple of weeks ago – in the middle of Lent, no less, because I was so tired I started crying while taking my morning bath.  When I went to confession the next week, the priest told me to stop beating myself up.  Ok.

Nine months to a year left, then I can retire.  My washing machine died, so that set me back a bit.  I am working on refinancing my house so that payment can be less.  I have paid off 5 accounts since mid-January.  But I find I need a vacation.

Going with my daughter to a national park in Utah in April.  That will cost a couple hundred, but will be so worth it.

Need a daily gratitude practice:

  • This wonderful job
  • My new yoga room at home
  • An upcoming vacation
  • God’s Grace, which has provided a soft landing for me
  • Precious sleep
  • A new tv in my bedroom – a decadence I have never allowed myself till now.
  • Delicious nutritious food that I can afford
  • Dinner tonight with a friend
  • I still have a good reputation in the community, even after my problems on the last job which took such a toll on me emotionally.
  • That’s over!
  • God is kind and wonderful.
  • Hopefully I can take Friday afternoon off to go to Good Friday Stations of the Cross.
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4 Responses to Lunch time at the office

  1. Annette says:

    Mary, I admire you so much. You are sturdy and strong and though you might struggle….you know how to take care of yourself and you are content with the simple things in life. I truly am inspired by you in so many areas of my own personal life. I am still going to adoration every Tuesday morning from 9:30-10….and I would love to increase it to 10:30. You gave me that. Think of your financial freedom. My gosh, I can only dream of that at this point, but again, you have inspired me to even consider ways to improve our financial situation. And now I am working on putting feet to it. I hope you get Friday afternoon off and I love your trip in April. I hope it is wonderful and restful for you. ❤

  2. atomicmomma says:

    Oh Mary…..please hang in there and be strong and I will pray for you as well to have strength during this time! You can do it!!!! You are such a living inspiration to me. Thank you for posting. Please post a picture of your yoga room! I loved your gratitude list.

  3. read468 says:

    I feel for you Mary, it is sooo hard to keep doing something that you really dont want to do! But…a year will fly by and then you can hopefully look back and be happy with yourself for keeping at it. And paying off 5 debts, thats wonderful! Have a great trip in April, southern Utah is absolutely beautiful!

  4. Syd says:

    I felt much the same towards the end of my long career. You gave me words of encouragement back then. Time will pass and all will be okay. One day at a time as you so well know.

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