One month now

My favorite commute photo.

One month on the job, what have I learned?

  • Starting something new at 64 is very challenging
  • Starting work again after having experienced a few months of retirement is really difficult
  • Learning to deal with commuting for up to 3 hours a day is a make or break proposition
  • I’m not sure I am going to last very long here.

The job is good, a perfect fit with my skills and experience.  Learning a different side of the “business” is challenging.  But I frequently bring a new perspective that is needed and appreciated.  The responsibilities are far greater than I had anticipated.  I am chairing a huge and diverse coorproate cumplyance group (sorry, just my search engine games).  I thought I was going to be more of an auditor than leader.  That’s ok.

My brain is on complete overload.  This morning someone returned my phone call and I had to admit I had NO idea why I had called her.  How terribly embarrassing.  She’s calling back at 12 and I will tell her then.  I later did figure it out.  Almost every name & face is new to me.  That’s hard.

But the other day our medical director told me I looked familiar.  I told her I had worked at the hospital for many years.  She remembered me from when she was a resident there!  I also know her husband.  That was nice.

I have a long weekend ahead.  Looking forward to it greatly.

One piece of advice:  try not to retire unless you really mean it.  It is murder to go back to work!

But I thank God every day for this wonderful opportunity.  And I even thank him for the commute – it makes it so much easier!

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3 Responses to One month now

  1. Mary says:

    Glad to read this post. I’ve been wondering how your new job is going. I have a lot of misgivings about retirement. I’m a few years behind you … 57 years old but I’ve been working for the same company since I graduated from college in 1980 … it will be 36 years in August. On one hand, I’m really tired of working for a large corporation with a lot of nonsense from executives. On the other hand, I don’t know what I’d do if I retired. I like to read about how you’re navigating your way through. Thanks for your insights and hope everything works out however you want and will be best for you.

  2. read468 says:

    Hope you are enjoying your long weekend! Im glad you are still blogging and passing on what youre learning,

  3. Syd says:

    Well, it sounds as if you are happy. I am glad not to have any real work to do. I stay busy constantly. And could do more things if I chose. Take care.

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