A Great Interview


The kitty has nothing to do with anything, except isn’t she sweet?

I had a great job interview today.  I feel so happy about it.  I actually do want the job now that I have been to their offices and met with them.  We had a fairly jovial interview, with some intense moments.  They had a list of 10 questions, most of which I answered easily.  They frequently said “well, you just covered this in the last question, but….”  I think I was on the right page with them.  Their eyes lit up several times as I was talking.

I won’t know until mid-December.  I may not get the job.  One of the three interviewers was not quite as impressed with me.  And they had others to interview this afternoon.  So, we shall see.

I can feel good about an interview that went well.  And if God wants me to have the job, I will get it.  If not, something else will happen.

Thanksgiving is coming soon.  I will have both of my daughters with me which is a great blessing.  We are going to see the Hunger Games movie at an AMC theater (with the red leather recliners), in the morning, then will come home and quickly assemble dinner.

My menu this year is semi-healthy.  Except I decided to have a ham instead of turkey.  And I will probably bake a pie.  I am actually selling a couple of pies to a friend for Thanksgiving!  We will have roasted brussel sprouts, butternut squash, cranberry sauce, and a salad.


I tried to write this yesterday and got so frustrated with WordPress I left it and decided to try find the draft this morning.

Last night I could not sleep.  All night a couple of uncomfortable moments from the interview kept playing in my mind.  At 3:00 a.m., I threw in the towel on getting any sleep and just got up.

After being in their offices I really want the job.  I need to let go of it in the next couple of weeks until I hear whether I got it or not.  Yesterday I thought I definitely had it.   In the night, that all changed and I felt that I will never ever get another job in my life.  And I will be destitute and lonely and life will be horrible forever.  My mind is my enemy from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m.

Must let it go.  God is all or he is nothing.  In my life I can decide which I believe.  I definitely believe he is all, and it follows that I will have faith that all is as it should be.

Say a prayer if you are so inclined?  Thank you.








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4 Responses to A Great Interview

  1. Syd says:

    You did the foot work. And that is really all you can do. I hope that you do get the job because it would make you happy. But there will be others to go for. It isn’t the end of the world, although that may come in another form I suspect. I hope that you enjoy Thanksgiving. We are looking forward to a wedding anniversary and Thanksgiving all in one!

  2. daisyanon says:

    So glad the interview came through and hope all works out. Will pray for that. It is good that whatever the outcome you can look back and feel that you did the best you could at the interview.

  3. Mary says:


    Best wishes on getting the job if that’s what you want. Your Thanksgiving Day plans sound wonderful .. I hope you have a great holiday.

  4. Mary LA says:

    Prayers for you and a Happy Thanksgiving!

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