September is Almost Over

A little bit of trepidation has entered into my lovely retirement.  The month is nearly over, and although I thought November would be a perfect time to get another job, I must admit, I am a little nervous.

The job that looked to be a sure thing before I retired doesn’t sound quite so sure now.  Still another week or two before it is posted though.  Part of me wants it, and part of me is terrified.  It is the same type of job that I had “downtown,” that disastrous episode in my life.  But most of what I disliked “downtown” was the politics.  I think this would be different.  Who knows?  Not me. The ladies I worked with downtown took me out for lunch last week to celebrate my retirement. That was so nice.

I thought of doing remote coding because in my heart of hearts I really do not want to work in an office (or hospital) again.  I can tailor my resume to make it look like I have tons of coding experience, but the truth is, I supervised coders, I rarely actually coded.  I could get a certification as a coder with a little bit of studying, and an investment in books and an expensive test.  If you wonder where I get the arrogance to flippantly suggest that, I am really really good at taking tests. When I took my RHIA exam, I had the highest score in the state, and I was the first to finish. I think testing well is a skill in itself that doesn’t necessarily translate into being good at anything.

I am praying for God’s guidance and the discernment to recognize it. I’ve thought many times – this is a chance to totally change my life, what the heck do I want to do. Me. No one else. I don’t need to make tons of money, but frankly, it needs to be more than minimum wage. What I would like is a high paying job that I work a few days a week. There is one of those on the horizon that may or may not pan out. That would be more of the hell I was enduring in my career, but on a very limited basis.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to work as a church secretary? Or in a women’s shelter? Or any number of places that would make me feel like I was doing something meaningful that actually helps people.

What I really wish is that I did not have to go back to work. I was not financially ready to retire when I did. (I still have no regrets.) I need to work for at least a year or two to get debt paid off and get Medicare. It costs $530. a month for my insurance now. Yikes.

As it is, it is Friday morning. I am going to Mass now. I may hit a noon meeting later on. My back is killing me from all the endless miles I am hiking, so I might not work out today. I have the DVR set to record Pope Francis addressing the UN. I will watch that later today. His visit to the US has been so amazing.

Thanks for listening to me process.

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2 Responses to September is Almost Over

  1. Annette says:

    I have watched the Pope’s visit on TV and read about it in the paper and what has occurred to me is that he is a kind and humble man and we as a society are starving to death for some kindness and humility in this world. When we see someone who has those qualities we love him!
    About your new job….I had to laugh. We are such different people. When I heard second job in your retirement….I was thinking Starbucks, knitting shop, bookstore…..something fun and you could make a littler extra cash. Coding is huge! But you could most definitely read a book and take the test and ta da… are making a lot of money being a coder. Thats how my husband and son have done it all…. self taught. Well wait….my husband went to a tech school for a few months after a construction accident, and he is a network engineer, but any certs after that were all self taught and my son is a director of the IT dept for a big casino the same way. Reading and testing. It can be done and I know you would be one to do it!

  2. Syd says:

    I know you will make the right decision. For me, I don’t want to be tied to a schedule.

    I have felt so inspired by the pope. He truly seems to have an inner light of goodness. I actually got tears from listening to him. Such a transformative man.

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