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Peonies on the Table

The poor things  got pretty well battered by the hail storms, but they still smell good!  I love me some peonies. Yesterday was the surgery on my hand.  Oh Lord.  Why do I walk into these things so blythely?  It … Continue reading

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Feeling Puny

My garden is getting beat up with our daily hail storms, but it perseveres.  My favorite rose bush has a bud that is so battered it is really kind of sad.  We have been fortunate though in the scheme of … Continue reading

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Glorious Friday Morning

Little Roses.  There was a terrible storm last night and I feared that my little flowers would be lost to the pounding of hail, but my flowers are all still in tact.  It is 54º, with a slight breeze, and … Continue reading

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A Beautiful Morning

I was planning to ride my bike to work this morning, but realized last night when I took a trial spin around the block that my arm is not quite healed enough for a long bike ride.  Darn it.  Maybe … Continue reading

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A little extreme

From a hike last week.  I was with a friend who views every recreational activity as “exercise,” and never slows down enough to enjoy the scenery (or smell the flowers), so I did not get a good vantage for a … Continue reading

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Post Family

The other half of my grandchildren moved to Montana on Saturday.   There are no more grandchildren who live within 900 miles of me.  To say my heart is broken is an understatement.  I always wondered how long-distance grandparents did … Continue reading

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