Back to “normal”

 On Friday morning, this is where I had my morning prayer and meditation.

Now I am back to my house, which I love, but it certainly does not have that view!  

Today I go back to work.  I know I am ready for retirement.  I have no feelings whatsoever of wanting to go back to work today – or ever.  Normally at the end of a vacation, I want to go back.  I want the structure.  I want the people to say good morning to.  I am ready to move on to the next phase of my life.  I am done with my career.

I have another 16 months to work.  As we know, 16 months can fly by.  It also can drag.  It is a matter of attitude, but not completely.  I will be getting a new boss next month as my dear friend and boss retires at the end of this month.  I pray the new boss will just leave me alone.  Everyone has assured me that is what will happen, but I am a little leery of a young man who is full of energy and wants to manage me.  

I gotta get on the treadmill now.  Gained 3 lbs.on vacation.  Lost 2 yesterday.  One more to go.  It is good to be back on a good food plan with no sugar or junk.  

Thank you Lord for this day and all that it may bring. 

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2 Responses to Back to “normal”

  1. Syd says:

    That is a gorgeous view. I can imagine how cool it must be. We have been sweltering here for a couple of weeks.

    I knew when I was done and ready to leave my long time career. I mourned leaving nonetheless. But a few weeks after I left, I could feel the weight lifting. Now I hardly think about being in the Lab. I still meet with colleagues and occasionally will write a scientific document or review one. But I am free now to make my own schedule and choose what I want to do. It is a great feeling.

  2. daisyanon says:

    Good luck Mary.

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