Peonies on the Table

The poor things  got pretty well battered by the hail storms, but they still smell good!  I love me some peonies.

Yesterday was the surgery on my hand.  Oh Lord.  Why do I walk into these things so blythely?  It hurt, it hurts, and my right hand is bandaged.  The surgeon doesn’t want the stitches out before my vacation, so I will have a bandaged hand and no swimming on vacay.  Not the worst thing to ever happen, I know.

The self service check in at the clinic  wasn’t working right.  It didn’t like my debit card.  A worker bee came over and “helped” me by running the card 5 times before it went through.    This morning I checked my account, and was charged the copay 5 times.  I hope I can get this resolved quickly because I don’t have hundreds of dollars to spare this month!

I’m off work for the next two days.  I have a lunch date with my former boss today.  Imagine that!  My “downtown” boss.  I’m not sure I am going to be able to make it.

Regardless of what I do today, I am looking forward to a beautiful late spring day.  The morning is absolutely gorgeous.  And sitting in front of these peonies is an olfactory sensation!

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6 Responses to Peonies on the Table

  1. Annette says:

    Those are beautiful flowers and I do hope your hand heals quickly. No swimming on vacay is disappointing……especially if its blistering heat. Our drought is making me appreciate full water immersion like never before. :o)

  2. Mary says:

    I love your pictures. I read your blog every time you post. I don’t comment often. I like to read your thoughts on retirement, etc … I’m a few years behind you and I’m finding it’s difficult to get to that point. Turning 30, 40, 50 never bothered me. For some reason 60 is even thought it’s 3.5 years away. I think because I know at some point in the next few years I will be retiring and my life will drastically change. But you handle everything with so much grace … maybe I can too 🙂

  3. Kelly says:

    I’m just seeing this as I have not been keeping up with my blogs in a long time. I pray you have a speedy recovery!

  4. Syd says:

    Glad that your surgery went well. And your vacation sounds delightful.

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