A little extreme

From a hike last week.  I was with a friend who views every recreational activity as “exercise,” and never slows down enough to enjoy the scenery (or smell the flowers), so I did not get a good vantage for a carefully framed photo.  Oh well.
Yesterday I went off the rails little.  I felt devastated that the girls are now hundreds of miles away.  Last night, I dreamed that I had to jump off a ten story building, as some rite of passage that I kept asking about.  I stood at the top of the building and just couldn’t do it.  But I was still going to have to do it.  I kept changing my clothes, because you know that is the solution to everything!  I had on flip flops and thought perhaps I should wear a pair of running shoes.  I guess that is what life is feeling like right now.  A weird adventure that doesn’t seem to make sense at the moment.  As long as I have good shoes though, I should be fine, right?

My insurance is turning into something useless on July 1.  I am trying to anticipate every medical need and get it done before the new fiscal year.  Yesterday I went in for a physical.  I got my lipid panel results this morning.  The lowest numbers I have ever seen.  Except for the good cholesterol, of course.  I am so happy with this.  I haven’t gotten the results of the A1c  yet, but I expect that will be good as well.  BP 117/77.  HR 58, and a whole bunch of other low numbers.  I am thrilled.

I failed to mention yesterday that I still have two daughters in Denver.  They probably won’t be for long, but they are here for now.  And I need to remember that.     I was whining via text message to one of them yesterday, she simply sent me a text that said “I’m still here!”  Oh yeah.

I got my retirement numbers from PERA yesterday.  If I moved to Montana, I think I can actually live on my retirement income.  I looked at houses there, and they are considerably cheaper than the Denver area.  I mean like 50% cheaper.

Things just might work out.  God does stuff like that.

And for anyone who doubts that God can and does write straight with crooked lines, remember that horrible job I had a couple of years ago?  Yes, I almost lost my mind.  Or maybe I did lose it.  But when I look at my retirement numbers and a longitudinal study of my salary, that job looks like the best thing I ever did!  Crazy!  I make over $10,000 a year more than I did when I left that job 2 years ago.  That would not have happened if I had just stayed where I was and didn’t shake it up.  I don’t like to shake it up, and it almost killed me, but this puts me in such better shape for retirement.

Now my only question is:  Why couldn’t my kids have decided to move to somewhere warm like Arizona?

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2 Responses to A little extreme

  1. Annette says:

    Mary the thing you show us repeatedly here, by sharing the events of your life here with us, is that if we can just be still for a minute, just let God do His business, there is hope that all will turn out exactly as we need it to. We may not even know what we want or what will be a perfect fit, but God does and He is always working out the details. I read daily about the job changes during that time, and remember clearly how awful so much of that was and my gosh…. what a testimony that is to being faithful and waiting and seeing the end result that God is creating on our behalf. Im so glad you are back and sharing with us again.

  2. Syd says:

    I have a feeling that all will work out for the best for you. And to have a solution to be with your children sounds great. Good to know you are still here.

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