A Little Corner

Some day the sun will shine again, and this little place will be one I will enjoy – tremendously.  I still think it looks pretty in the rain.

Yesterday I found it so enjoyable to blog I thought I would try it again today.  I really loved blogging.  I really like going back and reading what I have written through the past several years.  My old blog will be 10 years old this September.  I really need to delete it because I overshared a LOT on it.  Way too much info.  I have gone through this blog from time to time and deleted and hidden posts.  I feel OK about it.  I did think of starting a brand new blog, not about AA or God or anything intensely personal, and “monetizing” it.  I like writing, I think I do it half-decently, and it would be nice to have a dollar or two rolling in.  But I can’t imagine what I could like writing about frequently that is not intensely personal.

At work, the big event I have been working towards for nearly 2 years has come and gone.  The pace has slowed to a relative crawl.  I am entirely unaccustomed to having time to do things properly and with thought!  It is so weird.  But in a good way.  I looked around my little office the other day, which is now clean, and thought back and realized this is the first time since January 2012 that I have had a moment to spare.  I have several things I need to write and projects to start and meetings to get back on course, but I have time to do this!  Amazing.  I think I may be on the other side of that hill that has felt so impossible for the last few years.

In my personal life, there are changes in the air.  I don’t want to get specific about this yet, but my whole future may be entirely different than what I have imagined.  That sounds like I have fallen in love and am getting married – that is not at all what is happening.  But I may be retiring to a different state.  Sorry to be so mysterious, but there are other people involved and they are not quite public about what’s going on – yet.

It is however another reminder of how planning and worrying has always worked out in my life.  God always seems to have another plan.  I cannot map it out, because I am not the one who is in charge.  Much as I like to pretend I run my own life, it just simply is not the case.

I am so grateful for that!

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4 Responses to A Little Corner

  1. Dede says:

    Intriguing! I’m so glad you are blogging again.

  2. Nancy Grigsby says:

    It’s nice to hear from you again! Wonder what’s ahead for you…!


  3. Syd says:

    You have me wondering about your mysterious plans. But I know that all will be okay for you.

  4. Annette says:

    I’m wondering too!

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