April Showers

Of snow.  My lilacs bloomed for the first time in 3 or 4 years.  One day, and then the snow came.  Oh well.  They might have survived.  I won’t know until the snow stops and the sun comes back.

I took a stay-cation last week.  It was very good.  I realized again that I am not quite ready to retire.  I need structure in my life.  I am not enjoying my job that much, but that is really up to me, is it not?  I don’t have to wear the world like a corset, I can wear it like a loose garment.   I tend to cinch up that corset, but there is a possibility that I could change that.

On Monday of that week off, a realtor was walking the neighborhood trying to drum up business.  I was kneeling on the ground, pruning my roses.  I asked her if she thought my house needed to be painted.  She oohed and aahed and said my house is beautiful.   (maybe I should question her motives for that, but I don’t feel like it.)  She said she would run the numbers on my house and I was pleased to learn that I could sell my house and make a lot of money because the Denver market is so hot.  The problem is, the Denver market is so hot, there is nothing reasonable that I can buy.  She is sending me listings many times every day, but there is only one house that I have been even vaguely interested in.  A little 700 square foot house, on a pretty big lot, in a little wedge of residential area (with NO HOA) between a golf course and the river.  It is formerly a crappy neighborhood, but now an up and comer.  I think that land will be worth a lot of money some day, not far in the future.  The house was built in the 50s, but recently reno’d.  It’s cute.  2 bedrooms, 1 bath.  Why not?  I have to find a minute to go see it.  It will probably be gone by then.

The HOA (of which I am a board member) is walking the neighborhood in May to determine who needs to paint, etc.  I SO do not want to be a part of this, but I have been outnumbered.   I am terribly afraid my house is going to be one they decide needs paint.  I really really really don’t want to paint this year.  I have a number of home repairs I would like to make, and painting is not one of them.  You would have to look pretty close at my house to see that it needs new paint.  It is certainly not an eye-sore, such as some others in the hood – including the home of the man who is driving this endeavor.

In talking with my neighbors, I find that people cannot see their houses as others do.  Funny, that.  One of the worst looking houses is owned out-right (no mortgage) by an eccentric woman who is a world expert on an obscure subject and travels the world.   She told me “my house looks good, maybe the paint is faded on the south side….” Her house is a mess!  And you know what?  I could not care less.

The property values are astronomical.  So, this HOA has decided to go around and create animosity by telling people what they should do with their houses.

In other news….Shocked by a couple of relapses in my group, I decided to attend meetings most every day.  I have been going early early most every day.  It is good.  By Friday, it is really hard to get up early and move fast enough to get there by 6:30.  This morning I just could not do it.   But it has been so good to just get there and feel like I am really a part of the group.

I am also training for a half marathon.  The training just started this week.  I have been sedentary since December 12 of last year when I broke my arm.  Now I am starting small, and hope to be ready for the August 1st half marathon I am registered for.

I hope you all are well.  I really do miss blogging, but it takes tremendous commitment and lots of time….


mary christine.



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3 Responses to April Showers

  1. Annette says:

    Mary! So happy to read your words this morning! : )

  2. Syd says:

    I know that you have missed training. Hard to believe that there is snow there, but I also saw it on the Weather Channel this evening and thought about you. Hope that your lilacs survived the snow. Spring has really come here. So many flowers. And more plants coming up. All is good.

  3. Hope says:

    So good to read about your life, MC. I needed to read what you said about your job and wearing the world like a loose garment. I hope you don’t have to paint your house.

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