After four days off


I have some time to do things I normally don’t have time for. Like having dinner with a friend last night. Like getting to meetings and actually visiting with people. I feel somewhat relaxed.

But then, in just three weeks, we’ll be heading to Rome! I am so excited. It’s really happening! We did get a letter from the Vatican, letting us know there are tickets reserved for Midnight Mass for us. That letter may be the most amazing piece of mail I’ve ever gotten.

I’m trying to write this on my new iPad. I’m not sure about this yet.

There are things going on of course. I am alive and I am engaged in life. I have a full time job. I have co-workers, and I have friends. I am part of a family. These things all cause problems. Sometimes I react better than others. In confession yesterday, the priest reminded me that it is easy to love those who love us, but we must love everyone.

When I considered how difficult that is, I remembered quitting drinking and smoking with the certainty that it was absolutely impossible. I asked for God’s help, and then applied what I could – which was only a little bit of willingness – and amazingly enough, God was able to work these miracles in my life. I am quite certain he can help me with this. My role? Probably to ask for help the nano second I even think someone is wronging me. It can remain their problem and not become mine.

I have been unable to comment on your blogs. Hopefully I’ll be able to later.

Happy December everyone.

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3 Responses to After four days off

  1. Annette says:

    Oh Mary, you must blog occasionally at least. Thats a request…not a demand. :o) It would be too big of a loss to have you leave our blogger world altogether. Your simplicity, your logical, practical, sense of living is so often exactly what I need to hear. I am so glad that you are so engaged in real life that you don’t have the time to blog anymore regularly. What a wonderful problem to have! And Rome!!!! I am SO happy for you!! Please do share when you return.

  2. Mary LA says:

    Looking forward to hearing about Rome! How exciting.

  3. Syd says:

    Glad that you have your tickets for Rome. It sounds to be a wonderful restorative trip. So happy for you. And I am glad that you are busy with life. It is wonderful.

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