September Eleventh

Rose September 11

This is a beautiful rose that is in my garden this morning.  On a cold and dreary September morning.

I have been sick for 2 weeks.  I finally went to the doctor yesterday, who diagnosed a sinus infection.  I have never had one before so I had no idea it could make you this sick.  I am now on antibiotics, and I hope to be well again soon.

I have wanted to write about my peace with my age, so this is a reminder to me.  But right now I really need to go back to bed.

I hope all who visit here are well, and please know how very much I appreciate you all.

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7 Responses to September Eleventh

  1. Rest, dear one. Hoping that sinus infection clears soon. My mom used to be plagued by them and they are awful.

  2. Yes, rest and come back to us soon! We miss you when you’re away.

  3. Nancy G says:

    Hope you’re feeling well soon! Always look forward to your blog.
    Nancy in Cali

  4. Ray says:

    Get plenty of rest, stay well, and I’ll keep looking for your next blog. 🙂

  5. Dede says:

    So happy to hear from you. I hope you feel better soon so you can enjoy the beautiful fall season in Colorado!

  6. Syd says:

    Sorry to hear that you are sick. Hope that you are on the mend. Cool weather must be there in Denver. I am hoping for some here soon. It has been hot during the day and humid.Take care, MC.

  7. Patricia says:

    I have missed hearing from you. Happy it is something an antibiotic can fix! Get well soon!!!!

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