Tuesday Morning

IMG_8151I keep pulling up little carrots while I am pulling weeds in my little garden.  They are adorable and taste delicious!  We had an insane wind blow through last night and I am afraid to look at the garden this morning.  My petunias are damaged.  I hope my tomatoes aren’t.  They are also gorgeous.

Today I should find out if my daughter is able to get the time off to go to Rome with me and my friends for Christmas.  After all the talk, it has come down to me, my friend, and her mother.  I think it would be just glorious for it to be a trip of mothers and daughters. Ages from 35 to 81.  The reserved seats on the overseas aircraft are two rows of the two seats on the side, one a window and one an aisle.  The four of us gathered together.  I have been praying like crazy.  I even lit a $2.00 candle at church on Saturday!  I have never done that before in my life.  I think the 25¢ candles have the same flame, but the big huge candle will burn longer with my prayer.

I read something this week about coming into His Kingdom like a child.  “If you are not like children, you will never enter in.”  I have spent my life stoically praying for “God’s will, not mine,” which I think is a very good practice.  However, this week I am praying like a little kid.  Begging, pleading, crying, and cajoling.  P L E A S E !  Praying the Rosary with a passion.

And now I must stop blogging and get on the treadmill if I expect to spend an hour on it and still get to work on time.


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2 Responses to Tuesday Morning

  1. Patricia says:

    I am also praying she gets the time off now. So many things to enjoy together.

  2. Syd says:

    It all sounds really good but I understand how much joy it would be for your daughter to be there.

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