Shifting Enthusiasms

IMG_8075The Chicago Peace rose that I love so much.  It has many buds on it and will keep producing beautiful roses, until the heat of summer is fully established, then it will rest for a while until the cooler days of late summer to start blooming again.

I am now in the habit of waking at 4:30 a.m. so that I can work out for an hour and a half before I go to work in the morning.  I had to take today off because my body needs a bit of rest.  I did not lose that 7 lbs. I wanted to lose so badly. But I can fit into my white pants, which I no longer like!  Funny, when they were unattainable, I thought they were the most gorgeous pants I owned.  Two years ago, when they fit me, I loved them.  But time marches on….

On Saturday evening, after Mass, I drove to the local Target store.  I wanted to buy a Fitbit.  While walking around in the electronic department, I stopped for a moment to look at the new iPhones.  Mr. Good Salesman came by and started talking.  Well, you know I bought the phone, but at the end of the transaction, I got a gift card.  I paid nothing for that phone!  I got a refund!  I traded my old phone, and for once, bought low and sold high.

So, I HAD to buy the Fitbit.  I love this thing.   This is a great tracker, and a great motivator.  I love to see everything plotted out.  Calories in, calories out.  How much I slept.  (I woke up 12 times last night!)

I am starting to have butterflies in my stomach about this trip.  Maybe they are more like big old grey moths.  I am heading off to see all my siblings.  We get together one more time.  We are all pretty much in agreement that this will probably be the last time.  I think I would be foolish not to acknowledge that, but I must not dwell on it.  We never know the hour.  Of any of us.

Yesterday after the meeting, I spoke with a young woman who, in her own words, has been a “newcomer for 6 years.”  She is disgusted with herself.  She is a pretty girl, but is getting harder and harder and thinner and thinner.  I held her hand during the Lord’s Prayer and it was nothing but skin covered bones.  I talked to her for a while, until a biker woman came by and said to her, “I am going to tell you the exact opposite of what Mary just said.”  Awesome.  I smiled and walked away.  I came back later, gave her my card, and told her to call me.  She may or may not.  I pray she can find the help she needs.  She was so good to my daughter when my daughter was new.  God bless her.

I feel that I am forever in the debt to anyone who was kind to my daughter when she was new in AA.  She was so out of her mind, and many many people treated her with love.  Some didn’t.  That’s OK, we all need our detractors.    We can learn more from them than the kind people, but God bless the kind people!

Gotta get going.  Life is good.  Roses are growing in my garden… so are tomatoes, beets, lettuce, carrots, dill, and cucumbers.

Thank you God.


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1 Response to Shifting Enthusiasms

  1. Syd says:

    I hope that your trip goes well to see your siblings. I wish many times that I had siblings to visit or to visit me. My wife and I are both only children and we are really all we have now.
    The Peace rose is very pretty.

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