Friday Pre-Dawn

IMG_8044I got my new glasses!  I am so happy with them.  They are purple, but I don’t think that is immediately noticeable, unless in bright sunlight.  When I am an old woman I shall wear purple.  F’reals.

My poor little timid frightened PTSD kitty’s food is being attacked by ants!  On Saturday morning I wondered why she woke me so early and was so insistent that I get up – at once!  When I padded from the bedroom to the kitchen, I saw with horror that her food dishes were crawling with big black ants!  Gross!  I disposed of all food, washed the dishes with gobs of soap and the hottest tap water I could get.  I then did internet research which suggested placing the dishes into larger dishes containing water, thereby creating a “moat” that ants can’t cross.  The ants now are largely gone, but one night I came home from work and found them in her food.  I took the dish outside and observed the ant behavior.  They were swimming across the water!  Who ever heard of ants swimming?  I have no idea what to do.

I literally have garbage sitting out on the kitchen sink – waiting to go out to the compost bin – and there are no ants in it.  There are no ants anywhere else but the cat food.  I hate to think that there is a hive of big black ants somewhere in my house.  It makes my skin crawl.

I am going to be working out for an hour a day starting today.  I need to lose 7 more pounds before the trip to Carolina for my brothers’ birthday party.  I have plenty of dresses to choose from for the party, but I must

wear my white pants for other events and I figure 7 lbs will help them look OK.  We’ll see.  (somehow I have inserted a line in the middle of the paragraph and “undo” doesn’t work.  Sorry)

Two of my brothers were born 2 years apart on the same day, now 75 and 73 years ago.  One or two of them are not in good health, so we are having a party.  It’s a terrible party, because we are all pretty sure this is the last time we will all be together.

So why not focus on seven pounds and white pants?  I can’t think of a single reason.

Gotta go work out now.

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9 Responses to Friday Pre-Dawn

  1. Kelly H says:

    I don’t know what to tell you about the ants! Maybe someone savvy like Syd will come along with some advice.

    I hope that you are able to enjoy your brothers’ birthday- even if it is the last time y’all are all together.

    • I think as long as we take it as a party and try to avoid projecting into the future, we’ll be OK. Of course, if there is unfinished business, it ought to be resolved. I am lucky that for all our problems, we all get along pretty well.

  2. Patricia says:

    Love the glasses- purple glasses make more sense than purple hats!!!

  3. Annette says:

    Remember I told you about losing my glasses on the trail…..they were purple too! I loved them! And I love yours!
    I had the same ant problem with the little dogs dog food…..I put a strip of Terro ant killer on a little piece of cardboard up on the counter where they were coming in and we haven’t had a problem for a while now.
    Good luck with that….ants drive me crazy! Hows the fence/gate coming along? All repaired?

  4. atomicmomma says:

    Love the new glasses! Maybe it’s the food? I know it’s expensive but wonder if organic cat food would stop the ants or another brand from what you are using.

  5. Syd says:

    MC, I don’t know why the ants get in but sometimes, we get “sugar” ants. But it is a rare occasion and we don’t have ants in the cats’ food. Perhaps feeding her smaller portions and then taking the food up when she is done might work. You may want to talk to an exterminator too.

    I am back to working out tomorrow after having a miserable cold. We actually lost weight in Mexico. Amazing.

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