IMG_8018Got to soak my feet in the creek for a few moments on Sunday afternoon.  It is the most wonderful thing to shed your shoes and put your feet into a stream.  Wonderful.  That was on my trip to attempt to find my glasses….

IMG_8016I did not find them.  This is a photo of the new look in eyewear.  Old glasses with readers over them.  Awesome.  I try to wear my contacts and readers when I need to look not-quite-so-crazy, but the contacts irritate the heck out of my eyes, and I take them out at the first opportunity.  I ordered new glasses on Monday.  I hope it doesn’t take the full two weeks they’ve told me it will take to make them and get them onto my face.  I feel like Mr. Magoo.

For some reason my phone actually synched this morning, and I had over 200 photos to upload.  I am so happy they are now where they are supposed to be.


This is a photo from our Mother’s Day fishing trip.  Oh, it was glorious.

Update on the depression:  I feel like I am moving in the right direction, but I am definitely not there yet.  I have written activities into my calendar this week, things that are good for my soul, and I have noted them each as “non-negotiable.”  I hope I can keep these promises to myself and lay low little while.  No visits.  No trips.  No stressful events.   Maybe I will get back on my feet.

I have to tell you that if I do not regain my full cognitive abilities, I will be unable to hang onto my job.  I cannot do this with, as one braggart says, “half my brain tied behind my back.”

My psychologist called yesterday to check on me.  He said that some people never get back to their highest function after going off their meds.  Holy crap.  This can’t be me.  Right?  It can’t be.




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3 Responses to Life

  1. Annette says:

    It’s not you! But please, accept that your body, your brain needs this chemical boost and don’t stop taking them anymore. I hope that’s not out of line…..I say it with care and love and concern. I have done this myself and regretted it, and I’ve watched my girl do it too many times to count and it has never worked. I know it did work for you for a very long time, but this is now. I hate the thought of you suffering when there is a solution available….not a perfect solution, but it’s a help. Love you Mary. Glad new glasses are coming! Lol I lost a brand new pair out on the trail too, a couple years ago….so upsetting!

  2. I tried to edit the post, but I am unable to.

    I restarted the antidepressant over 10 days ago. They are just not really kicking in. My psychologist said that sometimes they never do work quite to that level again.

    I went for many, many years without medications. I don’t think it was unreasonable for me to try to go without when life is so different from when I started this episode 2 years ago. I have a long history of no medications actually working – the only thing that has worked for me on more than a fleeting basis is careful lifestyle management. But for now, I am Praying for Prozac efficacy.

    I hate this Annette. I appreciate your concern.

  3. Syd says:

    Cool with the glasses. I think the new ones will be better though LOL. Glad you are feeling a bit better.

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