Little bit of a freeze

Garden 2014Odd, this photo is clear on my phone, but somehow through the wizardry of sending it by e-mail, it became out of focus?  I wish I could synch my phone. In any event, this is my little garden, taken from my second floor deck.  It may or may not be frozen this morning.  I am pretty sure my lilac buds are frozen – no lilacs for two years running 😦  Not sure if the garden is warmer than the deck, which is covered with ice.  Darnit.

After last week’s debacle, I decided to cut back on my prozac.  So, I decided to just go a few days without.  Lo and behold, after a few days, I felt so much better.  So, I have now been a week without that dreaded potion.  I feel very different and I am not sure this is going to be viable long-term, but for now it is marvelous.  There are actually moments of joy in my day.  And moments of sorrow, where I feel those tears welling up.  I feel that I am much more focused, and not pressured.  And happy.  I hope this lasts.  I will do my bit – eat healthy, get lots of rest, some quiet time every day, and exercise every day.  Oh, and sunshine every day, whenever possible.  That was my method of coping with depression for many many years and it worked very well.  Please God, may it work again.

I have started realizing that my oldest granddaughter is now on the internet.  She shocks me on an almost daily basis on facebook.  Although I cannot imagine my granddaughter being so interested in ME that she would look for my blogs, but I CAN imagine that she would have interests that may have her stumble along one of them.  If you know me at all in person, you recognize me in my blogs almost immediately, it has happened many times.  I have a weird way of speaking and writing that is very recognizable.  I do not want her to have access to many of the things I have written.

There are so many things going on, but I have so much to get done, I am really limiting my blog time.

Gotta go!  Much love, Mary Christine




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2 Responses to Little bit of a freeze

  1. Syd says:

    Hope that you have a good day. I am glad that you are feeling joy and the general ups and downs of life. It is all a part of it. Hope the garden survives. Ours is doing great because we have had cool nights. July and August are when things get too hot and humid here. Not much survives August heat.

  2. Kelly H says:

    I am glad that discontinuing the prozac was a positive step for you. I’ve never taken prozac, but many other things. It is always good when you feel like what ‘normal’ feels like to you.

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