IMG_6120I’m finding myself changing, without even meaning to. I’m finding a ridiculous amount of joy in knitting with the ladies on Friday night.  They are some amazing women!  There are more masters degrees and PhDs among that little group of humble looking women than an average group of humble or not so humble looking women.  We help each other with our knitting.  We wait anxiously to hear the results of a biopsy.  We rejoice over the upcoming wedding.  We ooh and aaaah over a puppy.  We admire new tattoos too.   The median age is not what you would expect.  Oh yes, there are the grey haired ladies, but there are also young girls and women.  Tattood, pierced, creative as all get out.

On Friday I admired a woman’s blouse, she told me she had taken a class to make it.  Oh dear, I have been thinking about sewing clothing again.  I used to make all of my clothes, other than blue jeans.  I made all of my girls’ clothes until that massive change of life when we moved to Denver and I got sober, and I started working all the time and being stressed, etc., etc…..

My daughter and I went to the fabric store on Sunday.  I signed up for a class to make a blouse!  I am so excited!  I’ll go this week and buy my fabric.  It shall be colorful and loud and fun.

They say you should always dress for the job you WANT.  Well, I want to be retired!  Let’s see, what have I bought recently?  A running dress. Two pairs of flat shoes – Crocs!  Can you imagine?  Me, wearing Crocs to work instead of those 4 inch heels I used to wear?  They are not the clog looking things, they are cute little flats.  And they are comfy.  I have a standing desk now and I value comfortable shoes since I stand in them all day.  (And they are $30. each.)

Life is changing and for this moment, I am A-OK with that.

Thank you God.


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1 Response to Transitioning

  1. Syd says:

    Sounds as if you are ready to get on with living out side the job….on a permanent basis. I like the transitioning you are doing. I had a fairly long period of grieving my job even before I left. Now I hardly think about it.

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