Emerging from a nightmare headache

What a weekend!  What an Easter!  What a migraine!

Three full days of sickening blinding scorching nauseating migraine.  Yesterday, while bed-ridden at home, I decided that if I didn’t feel better today I was going to the doctor.  I almost went yesterday, but honestly felt that I couldn’t drive.  I started to believe I was going to die from this headache.  The medication I have does NOT work, it makes me sick.  I will have to see my doc about these headaches.

I tried to power through.  My old dear friend came and we had lunch at a lovely cafe in a nearby mountain town, on the patio overlooking the creek.  Watching families stroll by and kayakers navigate a little white water.

I felt dull and witless.  I didn’t mention my migraine.  I should have.  I felt judged by my friend which is not something I normally feel.  He is a big time guy.  Lives part of the year in NYC, and part of the year in Italy.  Worldly, I guess you could say.  He publishes.  He goes around the world speaking, that is why he was here.  I think, now that my un-addled brain is back, that he was concerned, not judgmental.  He urged me to go back to my running group.  I told him I would.  I think I do need to.  My fitness is declining while my weight is increasing.  Oh, it is “only” 8 lbs. I tell myself, but it is a critical 8 lbs.  The difference between a strong athletic body and a kinda bloated elder body.  I know from watching others over 60 years of age that “kinda bloated” tends to descend into overweight, then obsese, then completely sedentary…..

I could not for all the tea in china get to Mass on Easter Sunday.  What a dreadful thing. I kept trying to get ready, and it just could not happen.   Somehow I managed to get a meal put together though, so I feel guilty for missing Mass.  We had a lovely time on Easter.  My lovely daughter and two older granddaughters came, and it was just divine.  Talking healthcare with my nephew, we speak the same language.  He is also sober, so we are in that (life) boat together.   I felt sick and dim-witted, but I know all those people love and accept me, so it was OK.  We walked to a park after dinner and rolled around in the grass with the granddaughters, it was so lovely.

Yesterday I was so sick with the damn headache that never went away.

It is gone today, praise God.

I have written to my former coach, telling her I want to come back, anxiously awaiting an answer.

And I shall go to work.  It will be good.

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6 Responses to Emerging from a nightmare headache

  1. Annette says:

    Mary you are so strong, almost to a fault I think! I would have been in bed all weekend! I am glad you are feeling better this morning. ❤ I hope your days is beautiful.

  2. Kelly says:

    Not sure if I have shared this before, but Imitrex has really worked for my mom and her debilitating migraines. Not the generic, though. And she really has to fight w insurance for them to cover it, but it works.

  3. atomicmomma says:

    Mary…so sorry you were in pain over the weekend. I’ve had a few migraines in my life and they were unbelievable how the pain was so bad and how sick I got.

    Jesus doesn’t care where you were on Sunday. He knows what’s in your heart. Stop worrying. Get some rest and take care of yourself.

  4. Syd says:

    I’m glad that the migraine is gone. I don’t think that I’ve ever had one but used to have cluster headaches years ago. Stress, I guess. Thankfully, the “thunderclap” headache I had a couple of weeks ago did not indicate anything wrong in my brain. I hope to not experience that again–ever.
    Take care of yourself.

  5. Tam says:

    Grateful you are feeling better!

  6. I don’t know your whole history and what you’ve tried but I sure hope you find the migraine treatment that works for you. I’m sorry it gets so bad. I know it can take many years for some people to find anything that helps. Glad you’re better.

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