23º and Cloudy

IMG_7704But I have a beautiful cat in the house!  She hid almost all day on Saturday, but came out in the evening.  She hid on and off all day yesterday, but was very friendly when she was out.  I don’t even know where she hides!  She will just appear as if she has materialized out of thin air!

I am not worried about her missing me while I am at work, she is fine to hide all day!  Maybe she will come out and sit on the bed that’s just beneath a window.  Perfect view out on the world, a big ash tree, and lots of birds flying around.  I see her paw prints all over the blanket I laid there for her, so she does get up there.  I hope she will learn that no one is going to yell at her for sitting there.  She won’t get on furniture unless she is invited.  I have to pat on the chair or the bed to get her to jump up.   I’m pretty sure this little girl was abused.  She startles easily.  But she looks happy and she purrs a lot.

If I could purr, I would be purring as well.  It’s been a lovely 2.5 days of bonding with the kitty.  Now I am back to work…

It’s 23 degrees and cloudy.  And Monday.


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6 Responses to 23º and Cloudy

  1. Annette says:

    What a happy post. It all just sounds very content and peaceful….for you and Niya.

  2. atomic momma says:

    I love Niya! I also love you. 🙂 I am so happy you adopted her. You will both bring each other joy. I adopted two cats years ago and one of them acted the same way Niya does. Don’t worry if she gets spooked on stuff. She is smart and just figuring things out. She has already decided she wants to stay. In fact, a Vet told me that when rescue cats run off and hide they are not necessarily upset they are really afraid someone is going to take them away again. I had this with these two cats for a few years when something happened or a visitor came – they would run off and hide for hours. When it was obvious the visitor was gone they would both come out.

  3. Syd says:

    She is really a pretty cat, just like Rachael. I like the M on the forehead too. I am sure that she will be sleeping with you soon. Cats are neat critters.

  4. Birdie says:

    Every house needs a cat. We have two and I am trying to convince my husband that it would be a great idea to get three. Or four!

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