Feeling so grateful

IMG_7642Went shopping this morning.  My goal was to get my week’s grocery for $40 or less.  I went over by 39¢.  I have delicious fruits and veggies to eat this week.  And some pasta and other things.  This is definitely thrift food.  It’s OK.

My brother who is in a nursing home called this morning.  I was thrilled to hear his voice was strong.  He said he is feeling so much better.  It seems he got a new doctor who was actually interested enough in him to review the medications he was taking.  One was making him SO SICK.  Thank God he is feeling so much better now.  He’s walking, and his speech is understandable again!  What a lovely miracle.

I met my folks from the running club this morning for coffee.  It made me miss the running club.  I don’t mind the beating my body was taking though.  I also don’t miss the expense.

Tonight I get to go to a benefit dinner and dance for my friend who has been so sick.  Her surgery site was infected again this week, so she spent much of the week in the hospital.  I doubt she will be at the benefit tonight, but she needs the money so bad, they are holding it with or without her.

Sometimes I feel like a big loser, working for the government, not making a whole lot of money.  But should I become ill, or disabled, I will have an income for the rest of my life.  I wouldn’t be able to maintain my current lifestyle, but I could definitely find a new lifestyle and live in relative comfort.  I am pretty grateful for that.  This friend of mine, God bless her, just bought a new car and a new motorcycle.  I don’t think she will be able to keep them.  We will do what we can.  We will do what we can.

Yesterday my old boss from my nightmare job came and visited me.  We hugged warmly and chatted like old girlfriends.  When I introduced her to one of my staff as “my former boss,” she told me she didn’t like that.  She said we are friends.  What a flippin’ miracle.  Thank you God.

And now I get to knit for an hour.  And it may sound nutty, but I thank God for that too!


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2 Responses to Feeling so grateful

  1. Annette says:

    OMG…..what your “former boss” said made me cry. You are friends. There is a God and He loves you both so very much.

  2. Syd says:

    Nice that there has been healing between you and the former boss. And I’m glad about your brother getting some help with the meds. Life is good.

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