The best part of my day

IMG_6411Tonight I will go to adoration on my way home from work.   I have that to look forward to all day.  It is amazing what that hour does for my soul – and my body.  It deeply relaxes after about a half hour, and I begin to get perspective of how small I am and how I should not get so wrapped up in my self!  I have a heavenly father who loves me – what more could a person ask?

Work is intense.  Sometimes I wonder if I can even do this job.  I can’t complain because I am the one who proposed that I double my workload –  just to get a 5% increase in pay.  So I did that, and now I pay the price.

Thinking of starting an Etsy store to sell knitted goods.  I have always said that it would be ridiculous to do that because I couldn’t possibly charge a reasonable rate for my hours of labor.  But I am not getting paid for those hours anyway – I don’t need to calculate minimum wage for myself.  At one time I calculated the price of a pair of my hand-knit socks at about $300.  Obviously I could not sell one pair at that price.  But if I calculate the price of the yarn ~ $20. – $40. and add in something for my wonderful creative talent, I could perhaps sell a pair.  I always use good yarn, there is no point in knitting something made of acrylic, it loses shape and gets coarse and ugly.  Socks are a poor example.  But there are many other things that cost less to make and are beloved by people.   Still thinking about it.  If I could get any more money into this household, it could help me to pay down my debt.

This morning, I got an e-mail about a “liquidation” sale on my favorite brand of running shoes.  I have been pondering how I can possibly pay $150 to $200. for a pair of new running shoes.  Well, I found a pair this morning for $74. and free shipping.  yipppeeee!  If you are going to run or even walk, a good pair of shoes is a must.  When you have foot problems as I have, it is not at all negotiable.  The price of shoes compared with the price of obesity, diabetes, hypercholesterolemia, hyperlipidemia, etc. – well there is no comparison.  Gotta go.



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3 Responses to The best part of my day

  1. Kelly says:

    Wow- what a blessing to be able to get the shoes you need at a more affordable cost! The etsy shop would be neat. I hope you share the shop name with us if you do open one.

  2. Annette says:

    Well, you know I LOVE the etsy idea! I will buy something from you! And there is a little shop in my town that sells hand made cotton socks for about 25.00 – 30.00 a pair. beautiful, colorful and they don’t match. So you can buy a few pairs and they all go together. Just color themes. ;o)

    Oh Mary…..debt. I think I will die in debt. Although, I just had 3700.00 worth of repairs done to my car and was able to pay cash and did not trade my car in to get a new car loan of 25,000.00. I feel good about the decision. It should (hopefully) give us a couple more years of no car payments. The hubs is concerned we just sunk a bunch of money into a car that is a sinking ship. Of course that 3,700 could have gone to paying off some of the debt, but then I wouldn’t have a car to get to and from work. LOL We just do the best we can do.

  3. Syd says:

    I know a lady who sells her knitting stuff at a little yarn shop. She works on the weekends and makes extra $$ doing that. I get a sense that you need more free time and not less though! Glad that you have the weekend to relax and recharge.

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