Follow Your Arrow



I finished the mystery knit along last weekend.  This is the shawl that resulted.  It is so pretty!  Here is a detail:


I took a bike ride yesterday on the most glorious Sunday afternoon.  I discovered that if you haven’t been on a bike for nearly 2 years, it kinda is NOT “just like riding a bike.”  Three miles was the extent of my ride.  It was very very windy, and my legs are very very weak.  Never thought I would ever say that!  I think the older you get, the more “use it or lose it” is true.  I will get my leg strength back.  I will.

IMG_7632And now I am back to work for another five days. I pray they will be be easier than the last five days at work.  Ugly confrontations, ugly discoveries about what people are doing, just ugly, ugly, ugly.  The only good part?  I did not get ugly about it when others were.  Thank you God, and thank you program of Alcoholics Anonymous.  This sounds like the hypocrite’s prayer, but in my mind it is different.  I am not thanking God that I am better than anyone else, I am thanking God for his grace, which is the only way I am able to act decent at all.  Left to my own devices, it is a different picture.

So, let’s get to it, shall we?


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5 Responses to Follow Your Arrow

  1. roma1912 says:

    Congratulations not only on your beautiful shawl, but for having the good grace to be strong when all around you is pulling at your well being 🙂

  2. Annette says:

    I get your prayer. I’m so grateful for the lessons I’ve learned through my own mistakes, my own life experiences and it’s only by Gods grace that my eyes were able to see my own part.
    I’m here reading….just not commenting very much anywhere. I’m in a vortex of a job right now. It’s something!

  3. Annette says:

    And that beautiful shawl! I love that! What a neat project…. It’s almost like lace. Gorgeous.

  4. Syd says:

    The color of your shawl reminds me of new leaves in spring.

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