Aging, Headaches, Monday

IMG_7598Me and eldest brother, sometime in the 50s.  I think the time stamp says 1958, but I know that my family was so dysfunctional at that time that photos would sit undeveloped for years.

I haven’t felt well all weekend and this morning I feel downright sick.  Thank God I worked on Saturday so that the pressure is off me this morning.  I still have to go to work.  I will see what is on my schedule tomorrow, maybe there is a sick day in my future?

Yesterday I rented Nebraska because I had wanted to see it all winter long and never did get to it.  It had a nice twist at the end, but I found the movie dismal and depressing.  I hope to God there are no people actually like that, people with no relationships and no kindness in their lives.

I watched the Oscars last night for a while.  I am haunted by the vision of Kim Novak.  She was confused, her face is a horrifying plastic nightmare, rather muppet-like.  She was “all that” at about the time that photo of me and my brother was taken.  Time is cruel.   But Matthew McConaughey was so kind.  I always thought he was attractive, and I was thrilled he got best actor for Dallas Buyers Club – but now I love him for being so kind to her.

Please dear Lord, as I age, please give me the grace to be more like June Squibb and less like Kim Novak.

Weird prayers for a Monday.  Maybe He knows why things so distant from me effect me so profoundly.


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One Response to Aging, Headaches, Monday

  1. Syd says:

    I don’t imagine that you would be one to go get all the plastic surgery done that she has had. It looks terrible–not even like a real person. Matthew McConaughey was kind at what must have been really awkward for him. He seems to be a good fellow. Hope your Monday goes well.

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