Saturday Morning

IMG_7537That’s a picture of the pool at the rec center I joined this month.  I am about to head out to go swim laps there.  Very happy about that.

This week turned into a big challenge at work.  I worked many, many hours.  I was going to go into the office this weekend, and have decided against it.  After working a couple of 12 hour days, I need my days off.

On Thursday morning, a young man showed up in my office.  He has an entry level job in patient care.  He had wanted me to do a bunch of work on forms for HIS annual project.  I fell for that last year with someone else.  I told him he needs to talk with his supervisor, and get her buy-in, and THEN, if HE has the skills, he can make his revisions and send them to me, and then they will need to be approved by a multi-disciplinary committee before they are used.

I don’t think he liked that answer.  So, standing in my office, he very slowly and carefully explained to me that “young. people. like. to. use. electronic. forms.  Older. people. like. to. stick. to. what. they. know. and. use. paper. forms.  But. younger. people. like. things. to. be. electronic.  Slowly, carefully, loudly, he told me these things.  And although I wanted to strangle him right after I told him that I created the first electronic forms in that hospital in 1994, when he was probably in kindergarten, I did not do that.  I smiled and told him to talk with his supervisor, as I shooed him out of my office.  He walked down the hall, and then went out a door that is covered with signs that say “DO NOT USE THIS DOOR.  IT IS ALARMED!”  Big red signs.  He opened the door and set off the alarm.  I guess young. people. like. to. go. out. the. wrong. doors. while. older. people. use. the. right. doors.

Last night my friend from high school called.  We talked for almost two hours.  About life as “older” people.  About dumb shit agism.  He has had a fabulous career and life.  He started out as nutty as I did, but straightened up after a couple of years in college (which is what happens when you don’t have the disease of alcoholism).  But we understand each other in such a profound way.  I will get to see him in April when he comes to give a lecture at a nearby university.

I got to go to the yarn shop last night and knit with the women.  So wonderful to sit with these women and knit and talk, and mostly listen.  I am working on a lap blanket for my brother who is now in a nursing home 😦  I am also working on the last rows of a “mystery knit-along.”  It is THE most beautiful shawl I have ever made.  If I had known it was going to be so beautiful, I would have chosen a more neutral color than the green I am using.  I’ll post photos when it is finished.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.  Love, Mary



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7 Responses to Saturday Morning

  1. Kathy says:

    Hope. you. have. a. great. weekend. also. 🙂

  2. Annette says:

    Oh that little snot!
    I can’t wait to see the shawl! And knitting with the girls…..that sounds so nice. Did you ever read the book by Ann Hood called The Knitting Circle? I loved that book and it made me wish for a knitting circle of my own.

  3. atomic momma says:

    Mary…you are a joy to know. I

    You handled him like a pro!

  4. Kelly says:

    Interesting- he came to you for help and then attempted to insult you? Odd. Hope you’ve had a good weekend, so far, too. I guess that’s the only thing about the mystery knitting projects- it must be hard to pick the right color if you don’t know what it will end up being!

  5. ruviana says:

    The. door. needed. an. electronic. sign.

  6. jackie says:

    MC you are a hoot. I mean just the way you wrote how that conversation went, I could actually ‘hear’ it. Not that any part of someone acting ugly is ever funny, but just thinking of that alarm sounding made me snicker (again).
    Hope the snow is beginning to melt… It was 70 here in good ole Alabama yesterday.

  7. Syd says:

    Ha! It is sometimes hard to deal with the younger generation which gets younger every year. My wife’s sponsor is in a knitting group and takes her knitting everywhere. Enjoy your weekend.

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