IMG_5906Last year at this time, with my tiny newborn grandson.  He turned one last weekend.  My son texted pictures of him with his first birthday cake.  Gorgeous little boy.  Now 898 miles away.  This year I had to ship his  birthday present.  I will go visit when the roads are dry.  It is a particularly dangerous route from here to there in the winter.

(I was thinking of telling my hair stylist to hack my hair really short tomorrow when I see her, but after seeing this picture, I will stick with my current ‘do.)

Working with my former psychiatrist as a peer has been a different experience.  He asked me for a citation of a law, which I found.  He wrote me yesterday and said I was “amazing.”  He said he had been asking various people, including lawyers, for this over the years and I am the first to produce it.  He said “you are good.”  I’m quite sure I would have been happy if anyone else had sent me such an e-mail, but I think it is sweeter because he saw me through the dark days of my horrible depression last year.

It is Valentine’s Day.  I am happy because I sent my granddaughters cards with crisp money in them.  It used to make me so sad that I didn’t have a sweetheart, but I think I am finally over it.  There is an annual fundraiser at the hospital where we send each other flowers, I am excited about that.  I missed it for the two Valentine’s Days while I worked downtown.  I secretly hope I get lots of flowers!

So, it is Friday before a three day weekend, it is Valentine’s Day, and it is going to be 60 degrees here today!  Awesome.


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  1. atomic momma says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day to you! Be mine… are a joy to know. Best quote I ever heard about this holiday: “Valentine’s Day is for amateurs.”

  2. Kathy says:

    Been following you for a long time Mary…. that is such a special picture of you and your grandson…. Happy Valentine’s Day to you….

  3. Syd says:

    Nice photo. Hope that your Valentine’s Day was okay. I think that lots of people love you.

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