Dental Disturbance

Sunrise on a -16 degree morning

Sunrise on a -16 degree morning

The day after I ordered my new and very fancy eyeglasses, a crown on one of my teeth cracked, causing great pain.  It was an amazing thing to realize that I could use my flexible spending account for the tooth instead.  I went to the dentist, and as I suspected, the tooth was beyond repair.  It was extracted.  It was infected and horrible.

I am convalescing this weekend.

There is gratitude:

  • a comfortable sofa and a nice, warm, hand-knit blanket
  • olympics on tv and friends by e-mail and facebook
  • the fact that I could write a check for the dental work.  It is paid for.  I will be reimbursed for it, but I actually had the money for “an emergency.”
  • modern dentistry
  • a nice young dentist who hugged me after the gruesome ordeal yesterday, it did not go well.  God bless her.
  • my overall good health.

Thank you Lord for these things and too many others to count.


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5 Responses to Dental Disturbance

  1. Annette says:

    It sounds like one of those awful experiences that is filled with good vibes all through out. Wow….money for an emergency. I am majorly impressed! :o)

  2. Kelly says:

    So sorry to hear about your tooth. Hopefully, you will be healed and well in no time. I have a broken tooth that will need a root canal and a crown. I will do it over spring break- using my flex spending account. For the first time, I have insurance and a flex spend account. It is surreal.

    Take care of yourself. Stay warm.

  3. daisyanon says:

    Sorry about the tooth, but that is fantastic that you had the money for it and didn’t have to put it on credit.

  4. Chenai says:

    I am glad you were able to pay for everything. So glad that it went without a fuss.

  5. Syd says:

    Sounds like a hard time. I am grateful for having wonderful teeth with only a few fillings.

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